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Mordred's Lullaby

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Author Comments

This is a piece I did to the very Talented Heather Dale's "Mordred's Lullaby" The song is absolutely gorgeous and I wanted to do something with it. (Mediocre though my skill-set is at present)

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the audio is pretty hard to hear what they're saying. not good enough quality. it also has a sad story and I don't think I understand it but other reviews look like it's self explanatory but I don't think so.

Well I like your work. And I was just going through your pieces of work and hitting my favorite button. But this piece you did here. It reminded me of a conversion me and a friend had. About how things aren't simple created. But they have a existences before that and that they have the power to pull themselves into existence. Like the smiley face. Its in texts, used in gaming, of course T-shirts. Alot of things. Even when I draw one I have this wait to draw it in a way that I'm "of course" happy with. If I draw a Fire Smiley I try to capture this Smiling Fire. One other thing is a portrait. I always separated the two and I always ask an artist almost testing, or rather see more of them, "so what do you draw first, the hair or the face." Me the face but do the layout of the entire thing before detail. I really do try to see the two even the smiley as an entity. And I feel artist have this Spiritual capability to help bring them into our existence. What I saw in this video was someone bathed in this spirituality : )

I have to admit, having watched all of your vids, I wonder what you could do with this song now

the animation and melody blend in perfectly

so beautifull you ar epic at animetion