Guns and Monocles

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Tile based 2D shooter, spanning over 50 levels and utilizing 10 different weapons. Features a console to manipulate the game however you wish [` key]. Also includes a dynamic AI system, where many traits are manipulated depending on how well you have played thus far (such as line of sight, hearing range and accuracy).
We enjoyed making this, and we hope you enjoy playing it!
Hopefully will include a high scores table sooner or later.

Edit 21/03/09:
* Fixed shooting for Mac's
* Simple ending added.
* Added leaderboard (but only if you don't cheat)



The basics of a shooter!

I love it! Don't like top view though.

But hey...It's the best there is for a flash, browser, shooter game.

Next time go for diversity!
Like a multiplayer online thing perhaps? Ability to save your game etc...


Overall this was a pretty decent game. It felt like there was no need for it to have 50 levels though. Each one was nearly the same. Besides getting a stronger weapon, there was no feeling of pacing or progression. The later levels looked similar to the early ones, making It seem like the character hadn't really traveled anywhere. The pacing was too constant, adding in some highs and low moments would have broken up the 50 identical levels. The art was ok, I liked the shadowing around the walls, gave the illusion of depth.

How To Use The Console?

I keep pressing the console key but the console doesn't open.Please help

Good game

I have a few recommendations though...

1. Possibly add transitions from room to room. A simple effect which I think will add a lot.

2. Maybe add another element as, say, bullet time. Since it seems that they hit every time, you may want to make it easier to dodge.

3. Possibly, instead of bullet time, make a like 5-10% chance that they miss.

4. Difficulty levels.

Really, this was a good game, and looks like you took a decent amount of time to make it. Good job.

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Wow pretty basic but addicting

This game didn't exactly amaze me.
I thought the gameplay style was kind of unpolished.
But I loved the graphics and the combat style.
Plus the sound effects were tight.

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Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2009
6:46 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun