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M & Ms Snake

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Author Comments

This is our version of the classic and addictive Snake. Yeah i know this kind of game doesnt has nothing new and impressing, so we decided to make a different aimed version, the game in fact is the samething, but we tried to focus there on the design and its aimed to girls, yeah, games for girls are usually very boring, other than dress up and click and drag games they are the same, so with this M & M Snake we bring a girly game with cool graphics and cute music that any girl would like to play, so please if you are gonna review or rate focus in that fact. :)


what a hell

this game rules, i mean Jesus!! snake games R all the same but its like totally pink and cute and shiny, and the music its A-W-E-S-O-M-E, totally addictive, and its totally obvious that the snake is made of m&m`s cause the web its CANDY something.



Sexism + Product Placement + Old School Game = ..?

"we bring a girly game with cool graphics and cute music that any girl would like to play"

...and an author's comments section that any girl would hate to read. I can't help but be puzzled by the following assumptions you seem to be making:

* That games need to be "for girls" in order for anyone female to enjoy them
* That there is a significant population of potential gamers out there that would be playing video games right now if only they came in washed out pink
* That M&Ms (or candy in general) have anything whatsoever to do with being "girly"

Before you make any more games for girls, you might try talking to a few.

By the way, given that your company's site is based out of Houston, TX, you should probably be aware that this game really looks as if it's in violation of U.S. trademark laws. The only reasons I can imagine for your not having gotten a cease and desist order from Mars candy are (1) that you have too little exposure for them to notice or (2) they put you up to the task. Either way, you might want to look to that.

The Snake implementation is roughly average in quality. Better luck next time.

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iskullgames responds:

Where do you get we're in Texas? You are going way too far for a simple game. We're not even in the U.S. for your knowledage.

I'm not sure how girly it is

I'm a girl who likes games, and candy and cutsey colors don't really do it for me. This game is fine. It's a perfectly acceptable version of classic Snake. But like most girl gamers I know, I like RPG games, entrepreneurial games, and even violent fight games if they have a storyline attached or fun graphics. It's a little insulting to assume candy and pastels are going to suck girls in.

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iskullgames responds:

I dont say that girls dont like games like RPG or more complicated games, so please dont go too far and misunderstood, there's no intend to insult girls creating a game of this kind, if so why we should bother?


This is snake. There isn't more than that I can say.
I get your trying to reach out to girls but you should still add more depth to it. Oh and making the animation a little less choppy too.


Traditional snake. Easy, funny and it draw in... but it's only a snake

iskullgames responds:

You are right, its only a snake, and we stated it in our comments. Thanks for the score anyhow we keep asking to focus on the idea of chaning design and create other kind of games for girls.

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Credits & Info

3.30 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2009
1:23 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid