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Millie Megavolte 6 Part 1

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Author Comments

UPDATE: Parts 3 and 4 are not on Newgrounds but can be played at MillieMegavolte.com.

It was just another day in the forest for Millie Megavolte. Fresh air, beautiful shimmerpetals, and no Skeleton Things to be seen. It seemed everything was finally peaceful.

Then he came. A strange man showed up and claimed he was the hero of some kingdom she'd never heard of then demanded a duel. So much for a good day.

Play as either Millie Megavolte or Lance LeTourre and follow them as they conquer challenges that will bring them face to face with their destinies... and a forgotten nightmare.

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Nice Part 1 of Millie 6. I like it.

Great Gameplay.

***Full disclosure: I'm doing the male voices in Millie 6-2***

This game features some of the best thought-out platformer combat and movement on this site hands down. Now you can block, activate items, and even "monkey bar" your way across stalagtighted ceilings.

The level design is great, too. Folks, you're gonna have to use your brains a bit! And of course, no Millie game would be complete without that sweet, crass humor? Well done. I really am impressed.

Millie Megavolte to a whole new level...

Overall, this was a really fun Millie Megavolte game to play, in addition to Millie 5: Millie and the Psycho Bomber.

I really liked how you made some improvements to old enemies, such as the Skeleton Knight Things and the Skeleton Stalker Things. I also liked the new enemies you put in this game, in addition to the old ones; the Gels kind of reminded me of those Heartless from the Kingdom Hearts series, in a way...

Even though I don't know about the backstory to this game (about Lance arriving to Millie's place and such), I'm pretty sure that it will all be explained in the Adventure Mode that will eventually appear on your site.

Anyway, can't wait for parts 2 and 3 of this game. It's really getting awesome so far! :)

not too shabby

its a decent game and all, the artwork is good, the concept is good, gameplay is good! the only complain is the difficuly of the drop from hanging ledge to hanging ledge in the caves. had to repeat that spot several times before i got the timing on that drop! it seem that even on easy difficulty the timing on that drop is too percise. would have liked to have continued the story but lost too much life figuring out how to get past that drop spot. oh well its still a good game just too difficult in certain parts!

Myroid responds:

As long as you hold the up key you'll grab onto vines. Tap down to drop then hold up. You'll catch every time.

Needs alot of improvement...

Bad controls no combos no instructions i got to caves

enemies hit you even if your hitting them 300 times Down+s is the only fun thing about this

Myroid responds:

Sure there are instructions. There's a big ol' "HELP" button on the lower right corner of the file screen.

Credits & Info

4.56 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
11:40 PM EDT