Pea Ski 2

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UPDATE: Two weeks after submitting this game, googling "Pea Ski 2" returns over 77,000 results, and the game has had over 45,000 plays. Thank you all for making Pea Ski 2 such a great success for me. I promise I will continue to impress!

Also, If anyone could find it in them to donate time to write a decent review, I'd be more than grateful!

In Pea Ski 2 you play as a pea attempting to save humanity as we know it by skiing downhill, collecting points, and collecting your fellow peas... well, maybe things aren't THAT dire, but good luck topping the snowbound charts!

The mouse controls your character. Moving the mouse left or right will speed up or slow them down. Hold space to charge a jump, and release! Other than that, all you need is to play the trials and you're on your way!

Control Scheme:
jump: space or mouse
movement: mouse

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If you have any problems with the game, don't hesitate to email Chris@SandFire1on1.com. I appreciate your support!

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found a bug,
a bunch of stuff layers on top of eachother... another player and the end text... might have something to do with depthswap... probably restarting the scene to clear variables and not unloading certain movie clips

sandfire1on1 responds:

I am working hard to fix this. The problems seem to originate from the ad code I'm using. I'll have the game fixed soon, don't worry! :]

Thank you for notifying me!

very nice

its a good fun, game
nice graphics and physics
great for passing the time :)

sandfire1on1 responds:

Thank you for the review. Hope you enjoyed the game!

Googling Pea Ski 2 returns 77,000 results and counting! Thank you all for playing!

honest review

phail. im sorry, but u get 3/5. fact is, it doesnt work well. im too lazy to really review, but ill give you the main points

1: needs sandbox
2: needs better controls
3: needs jumps to go along with jump move
4: needs tricks
5: needs powerups
6: needs a lot more thought man. sorry

sandfire1on1 responds:

You say these things like I didn't already know.

But it would've been cool if you'd actually played the game through. After all, there ARE jump ramps in-game, and a mechanic behind them.

Rome wasn't built in a day, buddy.


Well done, controls are alright, sound is ok, graphs are fresh and nicely done. Only problem there is that its a bit simplistic. A god time passer, something to do in a 15 minute break. Repetitive. Still, all this is very nciely done so if u into it go ahead

Peaing Glory

The game resembles a skier in the shape of a round green pea in which you move the mouse up and down to avoid trees. By moving left or right a player can increase the speed of the skier, but effect hindsight. There are no fixed ends to the length of the game but there are only two modes.

The "trials" mode has a reasonable length although the difficulty is unbalanced {earlier levels being harder than later levels}. This mode is actually enjoyable because the slightly linear design is exploited to the full to create a stimulating challenge. Each level has a set objective which focuses on a specific element in the game. This leads the player to a full grand tour of what the game has to offer, while keeping him/her playing at their best. Although all the levels should have time limits to stop the player going really slow and making collection missions easy, all of them are fair.

Freestyle mode is a must and you've included it, along with a high score board that allows individual scores to be compared to on Facebook. Nice one!

Other modes you could have considered are special time challenge courses with fixed placement of items or trees to guarantee an exact challenge and add a "learn by memory" experience.

And if you really want to add something special, try making a sandbox mode that allows the player to put his/her own selection of trees/items down and allow them to add a time limit that is suited to their skill.

The graphics are very clean and beautiful. Everything has been polished completely and your artistic talents shine through very well. Not everything is animated but there is enough here to give it a sense of realism. Everything that is animated is smooth and I especially like the trails of the pea - that made me go "wow". Other noticeable details include wear and tear on the ramps {including snow} and shiny purple stars upon a crash. I also really like your title screen; you intend to show good presentation throughout. Although nothing actually looks distasteful at all, it would be nice to see a few more obstacles. These could include houses, pylons or even other racing peas.

Wonderful choice of music; definitely Christmas orientated. Sound effects are crisp and work well without hurting the ears. It's a good combination and what I like most about it is that the music doesn't keep starting from the beginning. This means that shorter tunes feel longer because they keep starting in different places. The quality of the audio is superb, but the sfx are a bit muffled. However you can most certainly get away with it, plus that grinding sound is amazing.

I actually played it all the way through, although I wouldn't give it another go because the linear trials get repetitive almost immediately, and the high scores are always impossible to beat. It was a little exciting because it is so in your face and you can get straight into it without any silly warm ups, and it also doesn't get too fast. It reminds of a popular snowball game where you roll a ball down a hill and it gets bigger. Honestly I would prefer to play your game as there is a greater deal of manual control.

So you have "it" for certain. This game has style, has beauty, has elegance and has a healthy vegetable that never stays on your fork. What you really need to do now is accelerate this to the top by including more content. It needs more to drag us back because the more variation there is to the player, the more likely they are to think "yeah, I should play it and do that this time".

Overall though i'm quite impressed, it's a quality submission. It has reached a high standard and it deserves some respect.


* * * * * * * * { 8 / 10 ''Sleek'' }

sandfire1on1 responds:

First of all, let me say "gosh darn, this is one hell of a review!" Man oh man, you really took the time to go through and throughly analyze every aspect. For that, I give you whatever thanks I can, for this is a developer's dream.

You're right. I tried to make the trials a sort of 'rocky ship' that tosses you down different adventures in the game's playability. I tried to make the earlier trials easier, but still meaningful and certainly not boring.

My man Mike Wojtkowski is what I could call a god amongst men. Anything he does is completely amazing. I'm glad you enjoyed the soundtrack as much as I did! As far as graphics go, I myself am an artist (if you've seen my website, sandfire1on1.com, hopefully you can tell haha) so I MORE than LOVE drawing in flash's vector-based environment. Thanks for the kudos there.

As far as adding content goes, for now, because I failed to test the game throughly enough before posting it up on newgrounds, I'm going to make work on another title. However, I'm quite certain you will see a sequel, with a few impressive gems to marvel over. It never hurts to get your name out there.

Again great review, thanks for the rating, and I hope I'll see you around in a few weeks when my next title hits the shelves =]

Credits & Info

3.81 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2009
5:54 AM EDT
Skill - Collect