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FL Studio Tutorial #1

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This is just a tutorial to help get more people interested in the Audio community here at Newgrounds. I spent about 4 to 5 hours on this... mostly tedious work, but I got it done.

I will likely make a part two, and perhaps a series of tutorials if people are interested. This will only help explain how to make a basic beat using default samples, and in my next tutorial, I would like to explain how to make a basic melody using the step sequencer piano.

If you have any questions, or suggestions, please leave a review with collective ignorance, or hit me up:

MSN: steven@shiftyaudio.com
Or, just PM me on Newgrounds, I check about twice a week so it shouldn't be too long before I get back to you.

I apologize if the GUI / Animation isn't up to par with the rest of Newgrounds, but to be honest, I'm a horrible artist and this is the best theme I could come up with.

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Been waiting for sooo logn. Part 2 better be a masterpiece ;D

Steven-Polley responds:

I should have it finished by the end of next year. Just doing some touch ups and what not.


I already knew that but you did a good job explaining that. You said part 2 in a few days but you released this like a year ago lol


thank goodness i see a step by step tutorial, i use FL-Studio and it's User interface is still beatin me into a pulp.
I tried so many times to fully understand how to use it, but i still couldn't get along with it.
Everytime i see at the tutorials at Youtube, it seems so naturally what they do.
The effects, the slowly louder getting sounds, i become overwhelmed by so much information, at last there's nothing left in my no good-brain.
I hope you'll help the ones who are stuck in understanding, so they can go the way of every production into it's end.

P.S. Awesome, dude, truly awesome.

quite good

It's really basics. W8ting 4 more :)


I've been using FL, since version 4, and I have say that it is my favourite program on my pc(photoshop comes a close 2nd). There are other Tutorials out there, but thats not the point. Good job, this would have taken the edge of FL when i first started using it. Damn its one frightning interface for a first timer.