Mouse Master (Ultimate)

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Mouse Master - Created by Shad0wdrag0n

- 20 Levels
- 2 Boss Fights
- Powerups and special doors
- Password system
- Many moving enemies, each with different traits and attacks.


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i like it

its fun lol boss was a lil hard but the entire game wuz really good


Much better than most of this kind og games that get's submitted ;)
But I didn't like the fact that I had to start over when i "died" =/
Also, I right clicked while the game was loading, and was sent directly to a boss stage(I tried again after it had loaded, but then I just got the cheating screen, seems like I right clicked before it had loaded the cheating screen or something)

Anyway, was fun to play for a short while :)

shad0wdrag0n responds:

I dont know how exactly that glitch came to be. I checked my code - it is flawless. In theory, that shouldn't have happened. O.O


i agree it is an old concept accept u added in some new things like enemies and the boss fights was a nice touch make more.


To be honest, there are dozens of games like this out there. Not only on newgrounds, but you'll see mouse maze games absolutely everywhere you look. It's over done, and you can play one of these games and never have to play another, because they're all the same.

Occasionally, there will come along someone who improves the idea of staying within the boundaries of the maze and making it to the end. I've seen this done, don't quite remember how, but it has been improved in the past. But nowadays, I see people stretching a over done idea past the point of no return.

Look, it's not your fault. If you would have come up with the entire concept of this game, you would have received awards, you would have been praised for your innovations. But the thing is, you didn't make this concept, nor did you make it something different when compared to other mouse maze games.

Think of something new, you're capable of creating something original, that people will find addictive and innovative. Don't give up, because again, this is in no way your fault. You amongst many others have tried to stretch out this concept, but let it die. Use your time and skills more wisely to create something better.

A good game

But, it's very cheatible. Like if your click your mouse down you can cross over walls. I'm pretty sure the Tab cheat works too, though I haven't tried it. It's actually one of the most innovative mouse maze games I've ever played. The music was fine, and I loved the bosses, except that you NEEDED the code to get to boss number 2. So, I had to exit out and cheat my way back to the code. Maybe next time, make a button that will take you back to level 16 instead of nothing at all. A good game, but needs work. Nice job! :D

shad0wdrag0n responds:

Updated and cheatability is gone! I have also placed a lv16 back button at the boss 2 password screen. PM me with any further problems.

Credits & Info

3.74 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2009
4:52 AM EDT
Skill - Typing