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A Typical Wednesday

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A bit of a change from my usual multi-directional shooters. Hope you enjoy it, please leave a comment if you have any feedback or questions and I'll do my best to answer.

If you like this game, try out my other games :)

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I really liked this game because of how crazy it was! At first, it kind of looked like it would be disorganized, but it didn't matter! I just loved how fast everything moved and how there was chaos everywhere! There was so much going on! At first, I thought I was supposed to collect those black squares I kept seeing. Needless to say, I did better after I realized those hurt you.

I love how there's no dark lines to outline the ships and enemies. It's just poor action from beginning to end. It seems like there's always new things to find in this game. I even learned that you could go the very bottom of the screen to avoid the enemies. It's just pure fun!


I love the trippy colors and the fun game play. It reminds me a lot of Galaga and this game brought back fond memories. Thanks, good artwork and fun music to blow shit up to with. Good work!

I approve.

I loved the remix of the Sonic 2 Chemical Plant Zone music. I nostalgia'd :D Also, I loved the colors and hectic game play. :)


It's what the title didn't say .
Awesome music , graphic's look great and it's a looli'n game .


Very fast pased and dangerous