BO: Secret of Steel Demo

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Hello, you'll probably want to play the full version instead: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/498326

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God... I have never found a game like this before the amount of ass-kicking is superb. I do agree though, blocking is hard. THATS WHY YOU GUYS LEARN HOW TOO! xD
Your style is so awesome i have based a main character on "BARBARIAN". I love this game so much, please keep making more! :D

simply amazing!

truly outstanding!

Amazing Game!

You turned what could have been a boring, one-button game into a complex work of art. I absolutely loved the artwork and sounds. The gameplay just blew me away with the articulate use of the space button allowing it to be several different attacks.

My only qualm with this is that some of the bosses are a bit tricky, but I like that in a game. Great work on this, and keep it up!

10/10 game

Actully 9.99/10 game, great soundtrack, immersive and solid gameplay that will keep you trying to do your best till the last boss ( still cant fight those spearorcs right ).
Things that I THINK would be nice to be iplemented in the next version :

- More throwing weapons other than those barrels ( short spears & throwing axes for example )
- I like the style, but I think the graphics can be improved a lil bit
- Add a blocking button, but keep the attacks simple, loved it

loved it

man this is crazy i loved it XD
keep up the good work