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Game & Watch: Dodgeman

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Author Comments

Did you ever play those old Nintendo Game & Watch games? Well, growing up as a kid in the 80s, it was pretty much impossible to avoid them. And who would want to? Recently I was thinking about how I loved those old things, and I got to wondering what my own flash game, Dodgeman 2 (also available on NG), would look like if it had been converted into a Game & Watch.

So I went ahead and made it! Game above, instructions below.. have fun!



This is a Game & Watch interpretation of my flash arcade game, Dodgeman 2! As in the original, the goal of the game is to dodge the stuff falling from the top of the screen. If you get hit 3 times it's game over, so watch out!

You accumulate one point every time an object leaves the bottom of the screen.. without conking you on the head!


From the demo/clock screen, click either the "Game A" or "Game B" to start a game! Game A is for novices, while Game B provides more of a challenge to seasoned Dodgers.

The "Sound" button will toggle the sound on/off. This can only be done from the demo/clock screen, and is indicated by a speaker icon, just below the time display. If the speaker is on, the sound is on.

If you have already racked up some scores from previous sessions, you can press the "Submit Scores" button to send your scores to our online hiscore lists. (You'll have to enter your name and then click the big Submit button at the bottom of this screen.) These lists can be viewed by clicking the "View Scores" button. Don't worry, the hiscore pages will open in new browser windows/tabs, one for Game A and one for Game B.

Note: You can view your current hiscores on the demo/clock screen, they will rotate between your Game A hiscore and your Game B hiscore every 2 seconds.

In game, press left/right to move Dodgeman (you can use the on-screen buttons or the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard). Clicking the "Time" button will take you back to the demo/clock screen.


- My good friend Chris Burgesse for providing the original sprite artwork that I converted into "LCD" interpretations.
- hitm4n, for hosting this on his fantastic site, Handheld Remakes! (http://handheld.remakes.
- You, for playing! :)

March 6, 2009 - Daily 8th/Front page!

NOTE: You can use the keyboard left/right arrow keys to move, you don't have to use the on-screen buttons :) The arrow keys make play much easier.

Daily 8th, and FRONT PAGE?! Woohoo!! Thanks so much everyone, I wasn't expecting that!!

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Laggy, and the controls are messed up. It's very hard to control him, and a lot of times he won't even more the correct direction. I wish there were at least sound effects too. I like the idea, just It didn't work for me.

Holmfry responds:

I think you were just watching the demo/time mode, which moves on its own and has no sound. You have to press Game A or Game B to start the game ;)


I use to have a game boy and it was a game from KFC you have to doge the bananas but it wasn't a game& watch.


It feels like a G&W title but gets dull after a moment.

Helmet Clone

You certainly captured the feel of the game and watch games, the sound and visuals are dead on. What disappoints me is you missed some of the subtle nuances I expect having wasted hundreds of hours on these games.

There's no miss clear at 200 (and I assume 500). The speed is increases with score, but it doesn't scale down and give you a break every time you break 100. Kinda breaks the rhythm I've been trained to adopt in these games.

Gameplay wise, it would be nice if there were more columns, and if they were taller, so you had more than 3 blips to respond to falling objects.

...so basically it's a helmet clone with a smaller playing field, no miss clears, and no house on the left to run to. XD not that this is a BAD thing- half the game and watch games were clones of one another anyways. So really, you're just being true to the genre.

Holmfry responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

As to the subtle nuances - I just invented this game from scratch, I wasn't really copying any existing one except for the look and feel of a Game & Watch, so I just came up with my own rules. Funny story, Helmet was one of the few G&W's that I'd never played before making this.. someone else made the comparison, so I checked out Helmet and was like "woah."

I also have "Game & Watch: God of War" on my user page, it's more of a direct translation of the original G&W, Vermin.

Thanks for the review! :)

OMFG! Please do more of these!

Very, VERY nostalgic.
After a while trying to play the game and nothing happening, I realized that it was in "watch mode" and that I had to press "Game A" to begin. Wow, that was realistic.

Didn't like much the sprites, they look pixeled, it would have been nice to anti-alias them or vectorize them or something.

I have 3 of these: Donkey Kong Jr (green), Parachute (brown, identical to the one you used for this game), and a Nintendo DS-like ("Multi-Screen") in which Mario and Luigi had to arrange boxes on a very bad designed factory (first result or so in Google Images for "game&watch"). Just curious about which one was this.

Holmfry responds:

Thanks for the great review! :)

I honestly don't remember which G&W case I used to create the image for this one. I'm pretty sure it was the Parachute case. If not, it was one of the other Gold Series games.

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Mar 5, 2009
8:06 PM EST