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Captain Lou

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Ever wonder who invented rock 'n' roll? Well, watch this, and you'll soon have little doubt that the man responsible is none other than everyone's favorite mustachioed 80s professional wrestler: Captain Lou Albano!

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It's great to see how this still holds up! I loved seeing Lesko there so prominently. He really should be featured in more of these. You still used a lot of new characters. Well, I haven't seen most of them elsewhere. Some seemed pretty obscure.

I wish I could have been into Lou Albano as a kid. Maybe I saw the Super Mario Bros. Super Show a few times? The Nostalgia Critic ruined it. At least Albano himself is good. These bright colors are nice too.


Such awesomeness...

Great piece of web history right here. Still a bit archaic for 2002 but really good for its time. The animation is flawless and the sound and design is pretty fun too. Good work.


Epic Seizure!

In a good meaning. Lol.


You need to actually put some SKILL into a flash. dont take random cutouts of people and make a flash with them to random audio tracks. Thats all you EVER do, and... its just dumb m8. Once or twice in a blue moon would be fine, but every time?

Comon now.