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Ninjas vs. Pirates TD 2

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MUTE Button in the upper right corner.

For splitting creeps, put upgrade AOE towers at the end, that will kill them.

I fixed the major problem with tower placement and fixed several other bugs and did optimizations so the game is playable now.

Try maps with rivers if your up for a challenge.

Note on Rivers: You cannot build ninjas on rivers but pirates can go across them. They slow down signficantly, building towers along the riverbank and forcing pirates to go on rivers is a good idea.

If you don't like the rivers, play a non-river map.

Easy and medium are for getting used to the game. The real challenge is unlimited mode.


Note: Poison does extra damage to flying. To kill flying creep, put freeze/poison ninjas in their flying path.

Pirates enter at the pointer arrows and head toward the building/ship/structure. Stop them before they get there.

Some maps have two entry points, some only have one.

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Hard game, but fun

Could have used more variety in some of the towers, and the Ultimate Ninja seems useless, simply not dealing enough damage to justify the cost.
Also its odd map d is easier than Map a. But overall, fun game

WOOO HOOO version 2! :)

Tower Defense games are quite popular now but some are getting so repetitive. There are easy ones and difficult ones, but the difficult ones are the ones that are worth playing.

This game here is very difficult and requires good Tower Defense skills :)


Coolest TD I've played, but something was missing still :P But still pretty cool, scored 540 000!

good game

i thought it was a fairly interesting concept of making a TD of the pirate vs ninja feud,in part 3 you could make different campaings for the ninja side and the pirate side,to BrotherWitch,it must be something in your config,try to play on a diff browser or maybe update your flash player if you havent already,its working perfectly smooth here (even on my older pc which is from 2000)

Fix the bug,

Towers will not place. Please fix as I love TDs.

Nice premice.

Archbob responds:

I'm pretty sure they place, I've tried it