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Peg Puzzle

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Original game entered into the smallest game in the world contest. No sex, blood, violence, gores or whores in this simple family oriented game for everyone. Win 2 FREE GAMES if 1 peg remains. Most people cannot do this. Can you?

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always retrying for that last peg

yes you always want to get to one peg, thats what makes it good for replaying
7/10 for the good, Glitch FREE peg game

from, josiah10


Hahaha, 7.83 seconds, check on the leaderboard. Awesome game, but should have had more levels. Keep it up!


An old concept that you will see in any Cracker Barrel restaraunt made new. Very nice piece of work that had me playing again and again. I'm still not quite sure how to get only 1 peg left. Great game!

real game

If I am going to attempt to do this im going to play it for real not on the comp. I think it is a waist of time

PBMCube responds:

20090313 - quote from ng "Still hasn't contributed anything to the site, so here's an advertisement:" Account create 03092009.

Then you missed the idea behind the game-business marketing. Read about the game business before you offer advise.

Very challenging

This is a great game, all it needs is sound