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WTF Pong

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a pong game that sets itself apart with a wtf mode. wow that's fancy. hope you enjoy, just a quick game to keep some skills sharp while working on Avoidence 3. tell me what you think.

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I loled

WTF mode kicks ass! XD

TheSongSalad responds:

thanks for the review.


I thought that this game was funny because the pong got caught behind the paddle and it bounced back and forth between the wall and the paddle and gave me one point for each time the pong hit the wall

TheSongSalad responds:

uh... glad you like it?

Decent Pong game

~ Animation/Graphics ~

The Good Points - Smooth animation and great use of the black and white colors here.

The Bad Points - While I do like the classic black and white colors perhaps there could be more colors used. (Especially in WTF mode, there should be crazy colors flying everywhere in that mode... more on that down farther in my review)

~ Story/Content ~

The Good Points - You had more than the usual pong game when you added the WTF mode. A lot of people just make the simple pong part and end it there.

The Bad Points - I personally thought the menu could have been more pleasing to the eyes. Not only make it a bit more organized, but try adding an animated background or something like that. Perhaps just a movie clip of the two paddles playing pong by themselves or something of that sort.

I didn't know there was a back button because it was just a white section on the bottom of the screen. Perhaps actually putting the word back on it would have made me understand a little better, but a section in the menu where you explained everything probably would have really added to the flash submission too.

~ What you could do to make it better ~

1) Make it so there is an ending to the game. After you get to a certain score or something. If there was an ending then sorry I didn't get that far. If there is an ending add clarification about that in the menu somewhere.

2) WTF MODE! Ha, it was kind of random, but as the name suggests you should really mess things up here.

A) Completely random colors flying around, ball changes color, paddles change colors, etc...

B) Make it so there is a lot of messed up noises. Things like random animal noises perhaps or just a really funny/weird song that you could use.

C) Make the ball switch directions and speeds more often. It would really be WTF Mode if the ball just started heading backgrounds randomly. Even have the ball change shapes. Have it turn from a ball to a square, triangle, etc..

3) Perhaps give people the choice of colors or backgrounds to choose from, while still keeping the traditional black and white as a choice.

Overall though I think WTF Mode is a great idea. It just really needs to be worked on. Perhaps a game that's just WTF Pong in itself would be a good idea for a flash submission.

~ Audio ~

The Good Points - You had a decent song used in the game.

The Bad Points - When you clicked on the back button to get out of the current game the song just continued where it was. I think that could be worked on a little bit where you could have the song fade out or some sort of transition to make things smooth.

WTF Mode needs some completely random music. It at least needs different music from the one that you used for the regular pong game. Perhaps think about using a song for the menu, regular game, and one for the WTF Mode.

~ Overall ~

At first just your average pong game, but you did add an interesting mode to it. I think it could be a great pong game if you really worked on the WTF Mode, which I stressed several times in my review because what makes a good pong game is originality.

Could be organized a bit better and a little easier on the eyes. Also, don't be discouraged that my Bad Points were longer than my Good Points in my review. I just can think of more ways to fix things than I can good on almost every submission.

Ever want another review just leave me a comment like usual and I'll get to reviewing it eventually. Thanks for taking your time to read the review. :)

TheSongSalad responds:

thanks a lot for another review! i really appreciate your reviews because they give me a lot to think about and work on, thanks loads, and i'm glad you like it at least some!


Killer pong man, just the same old ai to go with it to, XD wtf kicks ass

TheSongSalad responds:

lol, thanks for the review, i'm glad you like it.




TheSongSalad responds:

um... thanks for the review? wtf mode isn't supposed to make sense, and the AI doesn't always win... this was just a quick flash, but glad you like it (i think...).