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Space Base Defence: The I

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Game has 6 different maps: Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Mercury, Venus.

4 types of user control weapons: Ion Cannon, EMI, Extra EMI, Base Shield.

You have to complete first level to unlock second etc.

By killing robo-bugs you earn money and expirience points. After each level you can unlock and upgrade your special weapons. Sometimes you need to play level twice to collect enough exp point for more powerfull weapon.

3 music thems.

Auto save progress. (unlocked levels, gold, exp, weapon upgrades) Just press continue button.

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great game

Was a fun little td. there were lots of bugs though. your specials still charge when you go into options. i finished a map and it didnt register that i won. and when i clicked on a tower to build then cancel and try upgradeing it would take my money and not upgrade it. i still greatly enjoyed the game tho. gj

Not bad

But not so good either. The exp thing was bugged, so it never ran out once you got it. I didnt mind that, becuase it allowd me to get the upgraded weapons, which were the only thing that saved my ass a lot of times.

I found i could play through the entire game with only 3 freeze towers, and 5 cannon towers, and just upgrade to cannon towers after that. As long asw you place them strategically. The wave and sniper towers were amazing at higher levels, but cost so much to upgrade, that you couldnt get the final upgrade untill the last few waves. which meant the rest of your defence was suffering becuase you wernt spending any money on other towers.

For those of you having a hard time with this game, get the shield. It should reduce damage from 150, down to 17 or so. time it right, and you can defend against anything that gets through.

Anyway, good game, but the difficulty does ramp up a bit quickly. Overall, once i fugred out my towers, it was rather easy though.

it has potential

you lose one star for all of the ammo being little black circles, two stars for lack of originality, and two for it starting out way too hard. seriously, the first level should be impossible to lose, i had the entire track covered in guns and freezer things, and most of the middle filled with snipers and stuff was getting past on the first level. you only get a five for good graphics, smooth animation, and... well to be honest thats about it. btw, i never give more than an 8 to turret defence games, unless you do something really awesome. it's been done too many times.

Good Game

Good lil tower defence game here. I Like the fact you have to use the Specials quite alot. after completing the game i have to say that you should have last bosses for each level, the end robo-bug line is far to easy. also maybe mix up the sequence of robo-bugs for different levels. apart from that great game.


but at the beginning that defense-game is TOO hard..then it starts to be much too easy and boring (too few typs of enemy!!)

BTW: I dunno...but is there a glitch?? Because I got EXP over and over...I can waste them till..I dunno..but they don't dissapear...hmm

But its a good game, anyway...