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Adventure - Point 'n Click

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Mar 3, 2009 | 12:38 AM EST

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Author Comments

i didint have a plan for this realy just went and started working. sevral days later ive got this .hope you folks like it



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Much improved!

There is obvious improvement here from your first title. The music sets the mood just right, and the sound effects add to the experience. Each room differs from the last, and so makes each room distinctive. The puzzles themselves are just as logical as the last, and are also inventive. However, there are some things that make this fall short of what it could be.

The pointer sometimes showed an object as being interactive when it wasn't. This confuses a player when they think they should rely on the cursor to sniff out the important items for them. It also leads to minutes of mindless, frustrated clicking that could just as easily be avoided.

The graphics are better, but still lacking. Most notably, your perspective is off at times. An example is the skeleton. Its right leg is a bit long, while its left leg is very short. It detracts a bit from the experience when objects looks out of place or too off-kilter from the rest of the environment.

The usage of certain objects was at times too precise. An example would be the key on the pedestal. If you had made the whole thing sensitive to the items needed, it would have made it less hit and miss. Better yet, you could have made outlines of the items, and made them sensitive to the item's placement.

There were small graphic hiccups that seemed to show other parts of the game. This may have created the glitch mentioned below. Otherwise, it just detracts from the immersion of the game.

The final, and most important, was that the game doesn't finish! The orb doesn't activate upon clicking, and I finally had to look up the solution elsewhere. Unfortunately, I can't rate it if it's not finished, which is disappointing since I could see a great deal of improvement in this from your previous game.

Like I said, you've gotten better, and I'm interested to see how well you do in the future.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I Enjoyed it

Nicely done, im a sucker when it comes to games like these and you did pretty well, i thought that background music suited it nicely and although your graphics were pretty crude your imagination and creativeness really came through, well done.


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interesting game

I was halfway through, as far as i could tell, when I encountered a glitch. If you click the very edge of the playing field, the whole game blanks out!

Just thought I'd let you know.

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Needs Direction

I think you have a good idea there but you need to add direction arrows to show the players where to click so they can move their player around. Also, you might want to add in the purpose of the game and what you're looking for. Best of Luck in the future.

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