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Superhero Slayers 3

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Superhero Slayers Reel 3

**EDIT: Fix the sounds and some parts for scene 1. The newer version has a v2 sign on the main menu

**EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage!
** The sound lagging problem is solved, but if there's any more bugs please let me know.

Continued from where we left off in Reel 2, the Superheroes faces the most powerful enemies ever and they will have to battle to survive. Watch all the marvel and DC heroes in action!
There's a little change from the previous reel as the story plot is getting more serious and less humor is involved this time. Hope you guys like it!

A couple of people who help out a lot in this movie:
Thanks D-Mac for helping with all the casting and the voice directing.
Thanks Shard Spider for helping me with the scripts and all the ideas!
Thanks all the fantastic VAs for their awesome voices!

Check out more on http://superheroslayers.b logspot.com/


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This was quite nice, but it could have been better. I just thought it was too long. There was a bit too much buildup. I still appreciate the animation. You should have seen the Invisible Woman in this one outfit. I like the idea of these characters fighting the superheroes.

Some of the designs are a bit weird. It still mostly works. The voices seem appropriate for the characters. It's great to see Marvel and DC superheroes together. Well, they're not technically together.

Really good! I like your series a lot! Keep making more! I hope SHS 5 comes out soon!


oh no t-trex with a cero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but...

It's ok but DC and Marevl don't go together. And you've completely changed some iconic superheroes personalities. The animation was annoying to watch, the characters didn't stand out from the background enough and the characters were badly drawn. Also, the storyline is unoriginal and boring.

Ty for getting 3 out of the Four Fantastic Four