Chocolate Shop Frenzy

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Step into your very own chocolate shop . Serve picky customers in record time and earn upgrades that'll turn your chocolate shop into a worldwide sensation.



I couldnt get past march and the on lady was really impatient and tipped poorly and i couldnt stand it so i quit (PEEPS:ONLY PLAY TILL MARCH YOULL NEVER GET PAST IT)but otherwise its a meh game

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Well ... nice little game ...


It was ok. Very very repitive. I played for over a half an hour to see new featers and found few of intrest. Reletively uninventive as it is basically the same as cake mania for the cell phone.

But the game had smooth graphics, god conttols and i found nothing wrong with the gameplay other than how bored it made me.

Mabye the ability to customize the shop and character could make the game more fun, or what type of shop you open up

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Not bad

I wish the player was able to dictate what got upgraded, because getting upgraded to a dual boxed chocolate machine during a time when everyone wants chocolate figures is about as useful as a tick on a dog's ass. The chocolate figure machine was slower, and seems like there was an ever-increasing chance for folks to ask for chocolate figures as the game progressed. I just noticed that I was getting expert scores for about 6 months, then 1 month I barely passed, then the next month I failed. Basically hit a brick wall there somewhere, and it was mostly due to standing around waiting for those darn choco-figures to build. Also, in this health-concious world we live in, seems a bit irresponsible to suggest sucking down a cup of hot chocolate is a decent way to get energized again. I kept waiting for the girl to balloon up 10lbs for every month she worked there. Interesting game, been done before, but this had charm. I think folks below me are being a bit overly critical. Their expectations are probably still set high from all the good flashes that have hit NG lately, thus they're sort of taking a "holier than thou" attitude with this one. Personally, I found it to be a good time-killer, and usually I'm not into these types of games.

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It loks like diner dash or lemonade stand. it has been done in a similar fashion before

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3.59 / 5.00

Feb 27, 2009
10:39 AM EST
Puzzles - Other