Dungeons of Sordaroth.

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An evil wizard controls a dungeon. Can you defeat him?

Defeat the game and you are added to a list of other players who have done so.
http://www.bluetopazgames .com/highscores.php?gamei d=5

Only the elven sword and magical rings can harm wizards.
Rings have 3 magical charges.

New save game feature.
Improved animation.
Quick slot added for small items.


cant beat the wizard

i get neer him and he kills me.
good game thought.
nice graphics
nice design
keep it up!!

I love it!

I get such an eirie feeling walking through the dungeons... not knowing whats coming next...


I cannot fiend any monsters

just to hard

not enough wepons. you swing your wooden sword and can not hit them.Like could you make a real body,to jump in and attack the creatures.Atleast then you could tell in you were gonna hit them or miss.Sorry really loved the idea of the game but,could not tell if i was hitting them till rithg on top of them and then the life bar appeared,while swinging my sword to soon.....s0 I believe you could do better and make a really enjoyable game.

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Games not hard, in fact it's a bit easy

This isn't a race to get to lower levels, it's a marathon to raise your HP level. Instead of xp for kills, you get HP. So, focus on killing things and moving your way up the "food chain". Try to kill everything on level 1 before going down to level 2. Start with spiders, then snakes, then stone giants, then the blob. If you're getting your ass beat faster than you're killing an enemy, then run. Go hide somewhere and regen. It doesn't cost you anything.

Don't worry about your torches burning out ... you can still see. And, in fact, you'll get plenty of torches from enemies soon enough.

If you find a ring on level 2 or 3, keep it, don't waste it. I wasted mine screwing around trying to see what it did. Then, when I hit the level 3 wizard's apprentice, I was stuck because I couldn't kill him.

As far as I can tell, there's no benefit to hoarding weapons/shields.

Also, I think you only need 1 vision scroll. Put it in your belt and keep using it.
White = corridors
Black = Walls
Green = You
Red = Enemies
Blue = Wizards

I never made it past level 3, but that's what I gleaned from the game. Once you get past your wimpiness on level 1 by killing some things, the game actually starts getting pretty easy. You'll find yourself plowing through things with one hit usually. You can save your game, too. Pick a slot and go with it. If you find some interesting item, save a slot, experiment with it, then reload the slot.

If you find it too easy, there's a "hard" mode where you click the "that was too easy" button on the start. Hard mode causes you to lose life every step you take. I didn't experiment with it much after that.

The game is interesting, and harkens back to the early days of 3d dungeon crawling. It mostly reminds of the SSI "Eye of the Beholder" games, except you're solo. It's pretty darn good for being done in flash. I just wish the author provided more documentation and maybe some starting tips, so I wouldn't have to explain everything to all the folks blamming this.

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Feb 21, 2009
3:28 PM EST
Adventure - RPG