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Reveal it is a game where the stage starts out as entirely
grey. Bits of a black and white image will slowly be
revealed. Your job is to guess what the image is as fast
as possible and try to guess the maximum number of
images possible in the allotted time. Type answers in the
answer box and push "ENTER" to submit your answer.
If you really don't know an answer, you can type "skip" to
skip it, but it will cost you a point to do so. Skip does
not work on 100 images sequential mode. Sequential
mode is easy and is just a way for you to get to know
all the images, scores are not kept in sequential mode.
Images are generated randomly from a series of 100
images and may be a letter, number, symbol, or thing.
Please wait 1 second after clicking a play option, it takes
half a second to generate the game. Since in random mode,
it is completely random, two of the same image can generate in a row.


Good game

Not as challenging as your Spin Light game, I can't help but notice you using the same images practically in the same order lol

pretty damn good

A cool but weird game. I kinda like it but it does get boring quickly


this was pretty bad, if you get stuck on one, theres no skip or pass button. i didn't like it much

Archbob responds:

Skip doesn't work in sequential, only works in random.


Very disappointing for me, and kind of a Wizards Pen rip-off.
I mean, I love that game, but this just kinda rapes the idea.
I kind of expected more out of this, considering how high a score it got.
But the gameplay was just, well, to put it simply, boring.
If I wanted to waste my time playing a stupid game, I would've gone out and bought Guitar Hero: World Tour XD


This one is on the mental-test class.

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3.36 / 5.00

Feb 21, 2009
5:22 AM EST
Skill - Other