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drip mini putt

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putt game

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It sucks

Plain and simple. Plus some of the maps were ripped off of other mini putt games that are out there. The ball runs into barriers and keeps going through them. There's no sound. Hell, the ball doesn't even roll. The aiming is really bad, half the time you can't even get the power high enough because of where the ball is located.

Overall 0/5 and 0/10

Very glichy

whats up with the first hole? I finally got it to go in after restarting a bunch of times. It bounced off the hole. and got cought in the borders at times. Bad physics bad game all around


physics just seems really off, ball keeps going till it randomly stops. no slow down. Aiming mechanism is hard to get used to at first and hard to see where you are aiming.

Good part is that once I figured it out I managed to get 4 hole in 1's, good rough product but needs much more refinement and maybe some dimension

Not bad

There's a couple of time in the game where the ball got stuck in the wall and bounced around inside of it for a bit then comes out. Not bad but can use work. Maybe put some sounds too.


Need improvement in a couple of areas. First off graphics were lacking, it was glitvhy, the ball got stuck in many places and it wouldn't go in the hole (that's what she said). Also I didn't know which way the power meter was supposed ot go, instrcution would be nice.