Greg fighting experiment

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Just a small experiment of my characters fighting, please tell me what you think. DON'T SAY THAT I DIDN'T PUT ANY EFFORT INTO IT! IT'S AN EXPERIMENTAL/TEST.


Next time with music.

Nice characters btw

Awesome fluid fight, but tooooooo short

I heard what SHNUPIT was saying, it wasn't really a song, more like a rap beat. The animation was fluid, but extremely short. If it had been at least 10-15 seconds, it would have been much, much better. But, i also think your experiment was a success. I look forward to seeing more, and a finish to this as well. 9/10-4/5

Pretty cool, but short.

The animation was pretty good, so you definately have potential there. Only downside is it was really short.


makes a song if u listen to the attacks u can make it like a rap fight lol

just a idea i found funny

Tomanator490 responds:

I don't hear a song...

I really like the way you animate...

But I had to give it a 0 because it was way short, and you said yourself, It is only an experiment. For future reference, you should never post unfinished projects or experiments to the portal. Submit it to the alphas. http://www.newgrounds.com/ngmag/alpha s/

Good job though. You definitely have potential.

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Tomanator490 responds:

Ok thanks for the advice. I'll do that next time.

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Feb 18, 2009
9:26 PM EST