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Supreme Deer Hunting Rev.

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Author Comments

This is the second revision to Supreme Deer Hunting. I have made a lot of adjustments so that there is at least a point to the game and a challenge.

-added rocket launcher mode OH YEAH!
-made the game end after the season is over (then high scores will actually matter)
-did a few things to speed it up

Please feel free to give me suggestions. This is my second game ever and im working on making them better.

KNOWN BUG: the sound keeps playing the reload sound sometimes when you reload right before the day ends. im trying to fix this but so far no luck. not sure why it happens.
Update bug: ok i disabled the reload sound until i can figure out why it does that. i may just leave it removed as it really doesnt make much of a difference by having it there.

-fixed the shot area to be bigger for easier hitting.

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Deer Hunter!

I've played both versions of these as I'm a big fan of the DEER HUNTER games from years back. Just a few thoughts:

I like how you've updated the level layout to randomly change.
I like the idea of having 90-day limit.

The aiming system does seem a bit off from time to time (simply saying a player isn't hitting it is nonsense) but I found by NOT upgrading your aiming apparatus the game is better. When you upgrade, the aiming gets HARDER.

The rocket launcher is funny the first time then it just gets stupid. I'd rather have other more realistic weapons to choose from.

Maybe even add time-effects, such as daytime/night-time scenarios? Or other animals to take out or avoid? (for minus points)

Other than that, keep up the good work fella.

Would like to see one simple improvement!

To enhance enjoyment of the game, I'd like to see automatic reloading instead of having to hit the spacebar! I know this is possible because it happens sometimes without any clear reason. Thank you, keep up the good work!

Very Dissappointed with the scoring system

I'm Caveman1974's wife and I too am upset with how the scoring is done. There seems to be a mistake in the scoring system that no one wants to address. Your point system goes as follows. Doe kills 50 points, Buck kills 150, Big Bucks 500, head shot 50, kill zone 25, running shot 100. Still for all when either a buck or a big buck is killed as a running shot we are losing out on 50 points. Example: Big Buck 500 points and Running shot is 100 that should be 600 points and it's only giving us 550. Why is this?

Why have you not corrected this or responded to my husband's comment or reviews? Please respond a.s.a.p.

Avid player CelticDove

Just thought you should know

Dear Mr. Jeff Campbell aka Hourang!! My wife and I enjoy this game very much! We have two computers set up in our home. We enjoy competing against one another!! It's a lot of fun but, I have noticed a flaw in the game and I thought it should be brought to your attention!! In your scoring system you have the big bucks listed as 500 points and a run shot listed 100 points! But when we shoot one of theses big bucks it only adds up to 550 points. but it should be 600 points if the run shot is 100 points and the big buck is 500 points!! Could please explain this or how the points work!! We both still continue to play the deer hunting game because we love the game! But we think we are getting short changed with the points according to your posted rules!! Yours sincerly and avid players Cindy and Shawn!! Thank you for taking the time to read this message!!

Uh, no

Last time I checked, bullets can out-run deer. Bullets have almost instant travel time compared to deer. So, if I shoot at a deer directly under my cross-hairs, why is the deer able to out-run the bullets? Are these $6 million dollar man Steve Austin deer? I don't hear the "shanananana" sound effect when they run, so I assume no. And yet, they're either eating 2-3 shotgun rounds (without breaking stride, which is unbeleivable, since any kind of injury would cause some kind of break in stride), or the shots are just flat-out missing for some reason.

Ok, the reason I'm being a sarcastic asshole here, is because you have this ironic dichotomy. You attempted to make a realistic deer-hunting simulator, but the shooting is so unrealistic it's like a farce. Hence the irony and frustration.

hourang responds:

the deer are not outrunning the bullets, you are just not hitting it. there is absolutely zero delay in the bullet, unlike in real life where there is a delay, especially at like 100yards away. what is most likely happening is when the deer is running, it moves up and down, you have to hit him in the body. Also the bullets will hit lower with range. so if a deer is at top, the bullet will hit lower than a deer right in front of you at the bottom. you have to account for this. when you get the upgrades, like a longer barrel, it will shoot a lot more accurate. as the scope sight helps. pay attention to the dust on a miss, it will show you exactly where it hit. i may add target practice later so you guys can practice. i admit i did not put anything in to simulate when the deer gets hit it slows them down. i may add that. but i also want to point out i never said this was a deer hunting simulator, just that it had realistic shooting with distance and weapon accuracy.

Credits & Info

3.83 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2009
4:21 PM EST