"Act" by Mjaoo & Trone

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This is a Dangerbox Music Video to the song, "Act" by Mjoaa & Trone. Like what you hear? Visit www.dangerbox.net for more beats like these. "Act" is now available to download here:
en-US/html/content/releas e/detail/157963/Act%20EP

A Blue Guy spends his life secluded from society, but a wake-up call pushes him into a lengthy stroll to the big city. Ignoring and rejecting everything around him, up until a certain point he is faced with a choice whether to act or not.

The visuals and animated soundwaves are heavily inspired by a scene from Ratatouille, in which I tried to animate the music itself, since Techno lends itself very well to digital graphics. I also tried to apply a full spectrum of color in its correct order as he travels on his long walk, as well as different colors that fit with the living beings seen throughout the video. Specifically for the people, I made eye-colors reflect their current emotions. The Blue Guy's eyes remain either blank, or just closed for most of the film until his own emotions are forcibly brought out by the choice to act or not at a critical moment.

I didn't have a long time to work on the project due to school, but it turned out as a great experiment and I'm content with the final product's look. Hope you'll enjoy both it and the song! You gotta act.



is it just me or at the very end did the blue dude look like zordo from paradoy rangers

It good and all

But not really my type of music...


It was really good, upbeat, and more personal to social matters.
A very interesting message too, goes to show how much the human race must "Act" to counteract violence, and discrimination.
I enjoyed the song too, I found it great how you animated the beats and the colours of the emotions.
Also I have heard of Egoraptor's statement, which was rather dull, seeing as he is such a great animator, however he focuses on humor rather than real world crisis, like this flash does.
All I can say Chris is just because Ego is so much Looked-up to, don't let this statement get to you, you did fantastic and deserve any great compliment thrown at you.

Very good indeed


Chris' stylish take on his usual art style is stunning, and music matches it beat for beat. The video's theme is evident, if not thoroughly developed, and garners a response from the viewer. Fantastic.

loved it

I thought this was an excellent flash. I really loved your use of colours and those circles. The music was also very good and i understood the symbolism. Which convieniantly brings me to egoraptor's comment. I dont think, due to all of ego's flashs that ive seen, that ego should be dissing anyones work.

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Feb 17, 2009
12:21 AM EST
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