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Zeitgeist Addendum R:1

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Personally I found zeitgeist addendum to be a great documentary and as it says on the zeitgeist website itself they encourage the film to be duplicated. So what I've done is I've re-made the first part of addendum in flash to show it to you if you haven't already seen it. By re-animating it flash I've reduced the file size of it dramatically so it may be distributed faster. Then you can decide if you want to see the rest.

I've had so spilt it up into 4 flash movies. The total time of part 1 is 25mins. Adding up all four flash movies it's 7.8mb. That's pretty good I think considering it's a whole 25min.

The first part of zeitgeist addendum talks about how money is created and how it affects society.

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Brilliant Adaptation

When I saw this up, I thought it would pretty much be a recording playing within flash, but I was wrong, you clearly put a lot of effort into this.
There are a few bits that could be better, such as where you substituted that splashing effect for a spinning spiral, some bits would have looked better if blurred a bit, such as the eye open wide and the animation of krisnamurti, but your original graphics were superb.
I think this does enough justice to Peter's artwork and shows how good your own skills are.

A great way

This is a great way to promote The Zeitgeist Movement, good work !


nice to see that they have a flash


I saw the documentary as well as you did... and i allso agree this is some amazing film i look forword to a better future and we can help it be so.
about the flash ver you made... i think you should do some thing more simple
cuz this is some really hard work you did there and not every thing is perfect.
I think ill be making a flash movie about this zeitgeist.. like what will happen after every one will see this film.
and about the comments here... well Gonzossm.....
you are really dumb.... christianity is bull shit as well as every thing else
the documentary film dosn't tells you to not belive in god, if you belive in god by the way of christianity it means you belive god by the way of politics
or in other words you belive in politics...
you can belive in god as a human... thats what the film sais

To the religious folk out there

While the first part of the first Zeitgeist film does attempt to show some interesting coincidences in comparative religion and astro-theology, it is isolated to that section, and by no means do the rest of the films attack god and religion by any means. Zeitgeist Addendum and the Zeitgeist Movement have significantly stepped away from any such standpoint, as well as conspiratory nonsense. If you truly pay attention to the message of the films and the basis of the Venus project, it is clearly stated that everyone has the right to believe what they will. If anything the works are a testament to religious tolerance. The true message of the Venus project is actually on par with the teachings of Christ, and are a positive cannon for true social change from the ground up. Describing the Zeitgeist Movement as anti-Christian is a fallacy! All we want is to see a more sane compassionate society, devoid of the "evils" we are experiencing in our modern culture.