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I've had this version of Simon on a few sites for quite a while but I've only come accross newgrounds recently! 1st Newgrounds submission, enjoy!

I'm not claiming to have Invented the game Simon. This is just my version of it!

Play enough and maybe Simon will play Mary had a little lamb :)


Great man!

This is very excellent for your first submission , the game was very well made and kept me very entertained for hours, keep up the excellent work!

Arcade-games responds:

Thank you :) I'm working on a movie instead of games now so I'm sure to have something up soon!


A nice remake of a childhood favorite.I loved the music and the increasing difficulty,I think you did a very good job on this game.Great Job.

Arcade-games responds:

Thank you thank you :)

It remninds me...

It reminds me of how bad I cant remember crap. Way to go, awesome job, applause. And yet I walk away wif my feelings hurt...

Arcade-games responds:

There there.. it'll be ok

I had some Fun

It was good but the fun didnt last long ¦ :¬D

Arcade-games responds:

Thanks :)

Very Simple Simon

Almost everybody knows the concept of Simon. Simon says this and you do it. You've created a memory game that includes a computer that you call Simon. Its length is endless based on memory capacity, focus and effort.

I find it a simple game that is made beautiful by the idea of sounds and colour. You include an original introduction that gives "Simon" a little more character. However it is very limited in term of what you can do. It would have been nice to be able to play with the sounds without pressing start {play a little melody} and maybe a time limit would have made a nice addition as a choice for the player.

The lack of graphics is a little bit of a letdown but the genre of the game itself ultimately means that your graphics score will be low. The animations were smooth though and the transition to the text screen was as good as the glow upon click. It was lacking in a few details though. The background is nice but it looks like a poor gif image or a very small image blown up. You may want to add more details so there are things to see such as animations that appear when you reach certain scores. This would encourage players to retry and beat their score so they can see more animations {unlockables}.

There is little to comment on for the sound. The only sounds you can hear are the chimes which actually work very well. They are nice to listen to and make the game easier when the chains mount up. These nice chimes suit the game very well. It's difficult to recommend how to improve on the audio because your genre limits its use. However you could add some music which automatically turns off when the game begins.

It is also a good format for multiplayer use. It might be good to have players take it in turns. This would mean one player would always do the odd numbers while the other do evens.

Overall it's simple, short but pretty. It feels like a gem but the shine is easily exaggerated. All there really is here is buttons that you click and in sequences. It is the sort of thing I expect to see as a minigame rather than a full game. I played it a few times {never got Mary playing a little lamb though}. The game is a little exciting at first because I thought "yeah this looks nice" and it's a good remake of the classic game but its simplicity is also literal. There just isn't enough game here to satisfy anybody for long but it's a respectable presentation of the Simon idea so well done.


* A lot of reviews here talk about you stealing the game. Honestly I don't care if this is stolen or not but if the actual "design" {the application of the idea} is based on somebody else's work, then it is at least courteous to mention it in your introduction or as a reference in the submission crew {authors}.

Graphics * * * * *
Sound * * * * * * *
Gameplay * * * *

* * * * * { 5 - 10 } * Playable *

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Arcade-games responds:

WOW that was a long review! At least you took everything into consideration instead of 'uhh this must be stolen, there are loads of simon games'

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3.16 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2009
6:07 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Puzzle