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Electronide - Remake

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Arrow keys or WASD (both work at the same time)

Get red balls, avoid grey balls, simple as that!
If you want your scores to be kept, go play on Kongregate or something.

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not bad

would have been a fun game if it werent so damned hard to control. i tried to move my guy just a little and he would fly across the screen. if you could tighten that up, it would be a much better game.

i love it

Dude i love this game i lost straight away but i love it i dont no wat abuot it but u hav sum kool imagination make sum more ill rate it 10/10 (still i dont realy no y i like it)

Great Game - Suggestions

Very interesting game! The controls were a little unresponsive a time or two. I'm not sure if that represents a problem with the game, the keyboard, or my pudgy fingers trying to stab at the keys.

The insufferable nerd in me can't help but point out that with a few modifications you could make this into a fairly accurately represented orbital filling diagram, where an atom of Hydrogen with a single electron works its way up the periodic table by adding proton/electron combos. A little text box in the lower right or left hand corner would list the 'element' you're currently on.

Your goal would be to get up ito the range where you're producing elements that don't exist yet...

The atomic theme could also work for upgrades / powers. For example, radioactivity might cause your atom to shoot off random particles that destroy the grey ball, et cetera.

Pepperoach responds:

Awesome suggestions, I'll try and add them to the "sequel" :)

As for the controls:
Right > Left
Up > Down
That means if both the right and left buttons are pressed, you'll go right, so you must let go of the right button to go left, but the opposite isn't necessary.


It is awesome but it be better if there were a high score table!


Good game very good for a beginner:)

Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Feb 15, 2009
11:56 AM EST