AntCity on fire

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A game like Slient Scope, except you kill people by setting their ass on fire...

PS: You can burn anything that move except the oil tanker or you will be sorry

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Holy CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you my friend are awesome :)

Good game

It's fun burning the ass of whatever unfortunate little man happens to come within my range. On a side note, this is stolen but the other way around, E4 stole ant city on fire along with the Mcdonalds Videogame and Territory War and Madness Interactive. Anyways, nice game dude, though it could do well with debris from destroyed objects, mabye better fire graphics, and it would be cool if you made it so we could melt the asphualt tar and set buildings on fire. But it's still pretty fun. (P.S They renamed MCdonalds video game McVideo Game, can you believe the retards?)


It was a really funny game. It's simple and original. You should have added more vehicules/persons though. Graphics were nice but sounds were a bit annoying. Good game!

8/10 --> Good!

Source : FBI

here's a trick you can use in the game.

here,s a trick you can use in the game.
get the magnifying glass at the point where it will burn people,then
(while still holding the button) move the move your mouse completly off the screen.then release the button and move the mouse back on the screen.
you should now be able to burn people with out pressing the button.
(caution:DO NOT press the button again)

i cant stop playing this

played it on ebaums site
nice job

completely original

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3.04 / 5.00

Mar 23, 2002
3:17 AM EST
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