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Puzzle Defense

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A unique mixture of Puzzle & Tower Defense. Inspired by the popular 'Puzzle Quest', complete chains of 3, 4, or 5 runes, then use the mana to build towers to defend against the enemy hordes.

Development / Art done by Eric Farraro of Lazy Peon Games (http://www.lazypeongames .com). Credit to NG Audio Portal user fosterCHILD16 for the main theme.

Thanks for playing!

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Good. however,

If you just put enough traps and guns, you are set. Then you just need to put a few Spike Traps when the monsters start getting closer. Needs more difficulty. Also, getting the shop only after 30 waves!? That's way too long. It should be a menu that appears when you pause or something...

Good, but..

(4/5 | 9/10)

It's a nice game, however, it was very odd how a lot of things in the store were already purchased. Instead of having the already starting towers in there you could of had more tower/spell/mines or upgrades for those existing items.

I love the concept, but the game needs work

It's a great idea for a game, but the mechanics could use some ironning out
there's little need or want to place anything other than the dart gun, because none of the other ones do anything noticably different. also, the difficulty curve could be increased a bit; i found myself very comfortably fortified early on


Extremely Addictive


This mechanic has a lot of potential. The problem is that it is very distracting to do both at the same time.

If you can test various ways to streamline the interface to be more friendly to monitoring both activities this could be a near perfect game.

The graphics could use a little work too.