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Cyberen's Great Return

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Last night Brock "Cyberen" Janson announced his triumphant return to newgrounds, after a year's abscence which was exacerbated by his tragic diagnosis of breast cancer last October. Needless to say, this was a great night for the good folks over at the Cyberen Sillies (we've reopened the forums and its been nonstop partying ever since. feel free to join us here: http://z11.invisionfree.c om/cyberen_sillies/index.

This is not a drill. Cyberen has finally overcome the cancer. He's out of the hospital full time now, and (if you're lucky) he'll be making HIGHLY ORIGINAL and UNDERRATED cartoons again in no time!

If you haven't already, you can see his announcement of his return here: http://cyberen.newgrounds .com/news/post/262880, along with a link to his brand spankin' new, INCREDIBLY USER-FRIENDLY website (that son-of-a-gun was working on it nonstop back in the hospital).

Things aren't quite back to normal in the world of Brock yet though, folks. There's a bit of a serious note I'd like to touch on. THIS ISN'T FUNNY, GUYS.

Brock began developing a bit of a weight problem after his mastectomy in November. He's been stress-eating and has gained somewhere around 47 pounds. I'm trying to get him to have a healthy diet and exercise, but I'm going to need YOUR help, Newgrounds! Please go to Cyberen's Newgrounds page and give him a few encouraging, friendly words about getting fit.

Don't be a jerk and make fun of him. He's really having a rough time. Brock is here once more to grace us with his AMAZING flash animation skill and recherché sophistication - why, you should consider yourself lucky that such an exquisite sample of a human being should even use the same website as us!

I missed you so much, Brock. Oh what fun we'll have together...




I'm a polite reviewer, and I usually tell authors what they could do to improve their works.

However, it's clear that you put no effort into this flash animation, and so I'm going to admit to blamming it.

Any honest members be warned; this movie will probably be not worth your time, let alone a review. Just avoid it.

Perhaps this is your idea of humor, Princess? Sorry, but the majority of people will find this movie a waste of their life. I'm giving you a 1 because my heart is too big to allocate a 0.

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wow, this is crap dude

i mean, comon... you really call this flash? my four year old brother can do better than that. i mean, absolutely no point to the "flash" and anyways, shouldn't you rate it mild nudity? i mean theres a naked chick... wow this is seriously the second worst series i have ever seen.

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1.11 / 5.00

Feb 4, 2009
10:00 PM EST
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