Double Blaster

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Take an average arkanoid game , add an extra paddle and a cheerfull girl and you get something entirely new! Double blaster is a funny and original brick breaker with 20 rounds, its own level editor, awards, powerups and secret unlockable items!

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i like this games yhe only trouble is i am not good at them

Unplayable because of bug

There is a bug in the very first level. I scored 50 points by breaking a few blocks and then the ball got trapped bouncing back and forth between the left wall and the closest solid block at the top. I waited a long time, but it never came free. Needs some more testing to be able to play it, but from what I did get to see, there is definitely nothing original here, and the art, etc., looks like it came right out of an early 1990s MS-DOS pinball game or something.

Rapt responds:

Thanks for your QA report, unfortunately we Could Not Reproduce.

Good game

i like it. simple challenging and fun.its just like arkanoid and thats not a bad thing.

Rapt responds:

Glad you like it

Thanks a lot!

Wow, bunch of haters here

Has this been done before? Sure. But the graphics and animation on this execution were pretty good. It seemed to get a bit laggy when you got both paddles near each other, making it tricky to bounce the ball between the two of them. I personally didn't think the chick was distracting. She added some good ambiance and cheer leading to the game. It was nice to hear an actual voice occasionally instead of just sound effects. Contrary to what the bored, "rebel without a cause", 0-voting spammers say, I think you did a good job on this.

Rapt responds:

Now I'm pretty sure that paddle control must be upgrade on next release.

By the way I don't care about 0-voting spammers, if they don't like it, they don't play it so who cares about those who won't play your game?

Thanks for your feedback and your support :)

decent i guess...

all it is was another brickbraker the only good part was the girls bouncing boobs when you die

Credits & Info

2.70 / 5.00

Feb 3, 2009
12:39 PM EST
Skill - Other