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Defenders of Anphiex

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Defend your home planet against a horde of alien invaders with a team of friends.

(Based on NerdyGames' code; complete reskin and much easier upgrades)

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this is a absolute masterpiece of a game and yet is highly underrated. I feel sad that such few have yet to experience this masterpiece of this game.


A nice and simple game, smooth gameplay, clear and realistic graphics and a not too overused concept of game either, lots of action involved, hours availible for spendation. Keep up the great work!


you need better servers

I couldn't even play this due to the poor server capacity, is the game even uploaded to newgrounds? as it seems to load another site when i click on the game and it askes me to reload when i can't connect that's just not gonna happen I'm too impatient to have to do it all again.