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Evolution Squared

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***Okay all of you who say that we 'stole' Spore's concept or EVO, WE DIDN"T! This game was just made because our scripter likes squares, and had this concept in his mind for quite a while! In Spore you also have the ability to change yourself, we don't. This game has got as good as NOTHING to do with Spore's concept! So stop giving low grading for 'omg they stole'!***

Evolution Squared is a game in which you have to evolve. You start off as a small black square in the deep blue ocean but in the end you'll fly through space being on the top of the food chain! The game is playable in customizable difficulties and with different special modes. Rewards are gained through all sorts of ways. Have fun!

-Move with the arrow keys or WASD
-Bite with space (when auto-bite is OFF)
-P to pause
-Z to lower volume
-X to higher volume
-C to put volume at 0
-Navigate with the mouse

A guy named gargle-greg told me he totally loved my game and wanted to make a walkthrough for it! Thank you sooo much gargle-greg! You're awesome!

A small amount of people seem to be coping with the problem that whatever and whenever they click on my game they get send to my website. This IS supposed to stop after the intro movie! You are NOT suppost to be redirected to my website when you try to click somewere on the menu! I haven't a clue WHY this is, but I guess I can find ways to fix it. I promise to update it as SOON as POSSIBLE!

FRONTPAGE! Thank you all guys! Thank you guys for Newgrounds. Everyone is COMPLETELY AWESOME! THANKS THANKS THANKS! =D =D =D

If everything is okay then I managed to fix the bug from edit2!!! Please, people who suffer from this bug, retry the game and reconsider your judgement! XD I also fixed the credits giving the name of the creator of the credit loop! And I made the alignment of the scorecounter's text better!

I fixed the bug from edit2 and edit4. I am 99% it will not occur any more. If your cursor does not turn into a hand to click a button when the intromovie is busy then you have the updated version. And you can visit my website by clicking. Tell me if It's okay!

I downloaded the song you can hear during the menu from Newgrounds. Unfortunately the creator decided to delete it and therefore it is not mentioned in the side thingy of what all the music is. It was called Galaxy Underwater Mix and it was created by Semaphore. Thanks Semaphore! =D

Thanks and Cheers!

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when you right click it says are you trying to cheat?


I only found the controls a bit weird at 1st, but that was me. The game is really good, and never mind your "Stole" idea, You have a good game.

nothing much changed during the game and the adations and new abiliteis he gained ddint maek sesne to where he was living. an animals with 8 legs and horns will have heavy bones adn to have wings there would not be much use. If the game took longer that would help along with decieding color na hes skeleton changeing over time to adapt to new places. it got boring sense it was the same thing every timie just different animals. and soem were not really animals. that part was ok though. this is a made up organimism so it only makes sense for htere to be mad up prey and preditores. i think ther should be diferente things put into the games. Som e of the adaptionw were useless to the extent of the animals use of them and the gameits self did not change much. the idea is good but alot of mroe detail could have been added.

it a nice game