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flash collection!

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Jan 25, 2009 | 12:52 AM EST

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hello newgrounds world.
this is my first flash SUBMISSION (of course my first ones were GASP even more shitty)

UPDATE ****** sequel in progress for the adventures of mastercheif and marine. that clip really opened a new way for me to express all the things i wanted to in other movies.

this is a mixture of some of the flashes i made when i was first learning flash and actionscript. plus some slightly more recent ones.

i think i worked out the last of the bugs today but if i didnt please TELL ME! i want to learn from this submission so i can focus my skills sharper.

i started on putting this togeather over a moth ago (hence the christmas backdrop) but i didnt find much time with school and all.

if you want a free halo ce and soon normal halo you NEED to check out my site (wich may be moving servers in a few months im undecided) (link in flash) it has all the info you need.

now i think i can anticipate some questions so:
no they arent cameras, they were supposed to be guns (i cant draw and i am too lazy to redoo it now)
yes the bomb looks like a cherry
you have to release the bomb to put it in the hole (my actionscript is retarded ok?)
and the voice is my sister hence the title of the clip.

now i want everyone to note these were combined from multiple flash files. now i wasnt thinking at the time i would combine them so when i made mastercheif and marine it automatically went to 12 fps. the other clips (exept the last 1) were generated with 25fps in mind. so in order to make them 1 flash video i need to bring them all to the same framerate. and im not going to make mastercheif and marine go faster because then the audio starts overlaying on itself. so because i had 25 fps in mind on a video that plays 15 it screwes it up so sorry but the only thing to fix it is redo the animations and when i did that much work im not going to redo it when its not even that good.

please try the index guys it really helped me after i made it to test bug fixes so i hope it will help you show your freinds my fav. ADVENTURES OF MASTERCHEIF AND MARINE!!

now for a little background story:
mastercheif and marine origonated because i had to setup a website for my tech class. so, i decided to do it on halo, so i got this really shitty website and decided to spice it up a bit and out came the clip. i put it on the site and made the site better.

sisterz kick azz? was an idea from a freind of mine. he sugessted i should have 2 characters and one should pull out a calculator and devide 0 by 0 and some paralell universe implodes. so i incorperated that idea in and gave a set of voices to my sister. (note the shittly animation only took me like 1 hour and i wanted to get this collection done so thats why it is crap)

i got the idea for maze and bomb hole from the impossible quiz. i tried not to copy them exactly but i was getting going in actionscript and wanted to see what i could do with shapes and rollovers ext.

thanks alot to coval, beans and justin that helped me get ideas for animations, i know i will be working on alot of them soon.

also i wanna give a BIG thanks to their informative videos was one of my main resources as i was learning flash and i think it will be in the future for flash and all adobe products.

tata for now

it is confirmed im working on a new mastercheif and marine clip, stay tuned for better animations, voices, and a wider range of content.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

ill return the favor ol chap!

it kinda sucks, but i suppose u were on a deadline ill let you get away with it. you need to optimize your video so it doesnt take so long to load though.


sniper011 responds:

im working on a new 1, it ishardly started but its going to be alot better


Rated 5 / 5 stars


this is alot like the video ive been working on, i'll be uploading it soon so be sure to cheak it out.

vista lol

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sniper011 responds:

lol sure pm me when its out:)

im going to be uploading a game in a month or 2 so be sure to check it out.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


it was the awsomes thing ever

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sniper011 responds:


well i know the minigames suck but the adventures mastercheif and marine is the main thing in here. if i didnt have that video i would not have uploaded cuz i didnt have anything going for it.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Other then the minigames it was really good. The minigames were ok but, The halo stuff was quite hilarious. Good work. I hope to see more from you.

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sniper011 responds:

haha yea. the minigames i made when i was first starting flash so they really i mean REALLY suck. im trying to make a game thats like a fight genre. were you can buy upgrades and stuff then use them to fight.

and me and my freinds have a TON of ideas for flash videos i just havent had the time to animate them with school and stuff. exams are this week so after that i hope i will have some time on my hands considering i have all the easy subjects this semester.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I like how you pointed out the porly drawn warthog.

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sniper011 responds:

yea haha. after 10 minutes of drawing i realized even if i traced the warthog i would not be able to make it good so i just pointed it out in the video and left it shitty.