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Energyapocalypse Recycled

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Super Energy Apocalypse is BACK and better than ever!

The world is in ruins. Rebuild your base with sustainable energy choices, then survive the hordes of mutant alien zombies. Be careful - you need energy to survive, but pollution will make the zombies stronger!
(This game was produced in partnership with Houston Advanced Research Center, based on real-world research data about energy use and power plants. )

In addition to bugfixes, tweaks, and general performance upgrades, this all new version includes:
1) All-new story!
2) 9 All-new levels!
3) 3 difficulty modes!
4) High Scores!
5) New Building : Recycling Center!
6) New Weapon : Flame Turrets!
7) Two new enemy types!
8) 5 Special CHALLENGES in Sandbox mode for the super hardcore!

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Hands down one of the best games out there on NG

i love this game, i remember it, the concept but there is some problems, like the consumption rate of energy and food, it's too fast and the time it's too short, and sometimes you end without energy that means you will lost because you cant retrieve energy and survive the night

I wanted to like this game, but the entire thing felt like a tutorial. Story mode just kept throwing crap at you. I think the level-based + story approach is problematic. I could hardly wrap my head around all of the controls and requirements before moving onto the next thing.

Either have better indicators (like text or something that actually tells me what to do, not icons that I have no way of knowing what they are) or give players a longer period of time to learn the game. I'd multiply the # of levels by at least two and add gradual challenges.

I really do believe the game would have been better served if the goals of each level were more transparent, with fewer modals and text and more transparent guidance and progression.


also, the fact that i need energy to create energy had me killed countless times

great game really liked the baby zombie