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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Jan 21, 2009 | 12:54 PM EST

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A tower defence game with pathing, many interesting towers and multiple game modes! Use a variety of towers to complete the game.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


this game rules but i built a maze on reg dificulty and it wus completly made out of saws and o got too 27 so awsome game and its so hard

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


It was one of the better def. games.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


This game has a good difficulty although a bit hard for me. xD
A slowing kind of tower would be very helpful though. :)


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Fricken tough

This is a sweet game... but it's really hard! I beat the normal and hardcore games, but marathon mode has me stumped. In marathon mode, I just can't seem to save up enough to get my first charge coil.

Here are the best units in terms of damage per second, per 100 gold. (that is, a rating of 100 in this list might mean that the unit costs 100 gold including upgrades, and does 1 damage per second; a rating of 200 might mean that the unit does 1 damage per second but only costs 50 gold).
1. Saw, upgraded to 2 damage: 183
2. Charge coil, upgraded: 125. But the coil is much better than that, more like 250 compared to the saw, because it is CONSTANTLY creating damage (if you build walls to delay the enemy), not just when enemies are in range. As far as I can tell this is the best unit overall, hands down.
3. Zap tower, with one upgrade: 120
4. Laser tower, no upgrades: 116. But laser tower can hit several units simultaneously, so it might be more like 230 compared to the saw if it's placed properly. The disadvantage is that it's tough to position the laser tower properly. Upgrading the laser tower gives it a much lower cost effectiveness.
5. Rocket launcher, five upgrades (so it does 200 damage): 97. But again, the rocket launcher can hit multiple targets, so you might double that to 194 if it's placed properly. However, getting five upgrades on the rocket launcher is very expensive, and a lower level rocket launcher isn't nearly as effective.
6. Poison tower?? This has the potential to be very strong, if units are delayed enough by walls, but I don't know how much damage poison does per second. Perhaps this is the secret to doing well on Marathon, or perhaps it's not worth it; I don't know. Disadvantage: a very low firing rate means that it can't be your primary weapon.

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twistedduck responds:

I tried to add a lot of variety in the way the towers work so that profiling them is very difficult but you seem to have done a very good job here!
Just so you know, a friend of mine has scored 1176480 on Marathon mode.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome, going into my faves

This game is awesome and very time consuming. The only other game that took me like 5 hours to try and beat was amorphous+, but personally i think this is better.

Hint to everyone: i got to lv 49 (failed at the last 1 lol) with a maze of saw things. Build like 4 of them close to the spawn point at the beggining, evenly spaced, and fill the spaces in between with wall things. Then make sure to upgrade them, and build more, cuz a fully upgraded saw thing is literally 25 times more powerful than a non upgraded 1. Also throw in some fully upgraded grenade launchers cuz they can shot through the wall things and help ur saws out, and at the end of the maze, build a coil thing, and throw in a rocket launcher too.

Just so u know how deadly the saw maze thing is, my maze was only like 4 squares this way ------------- and like the whole height. Thats pretty effective.

GLITCH: if u press pause while a grenade thing shot from a grenade launcher thing is on the field, it will pause the tanks, but will still explode. I found this useful when tanks were trying to get away and were too fast for my grenade launcher.

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