Get Off My Planet

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Author Comments

Morning all - here's a game I started about 18 months ago... it fell by the wayside while I build Swords and Sandals III, but here it is at long last.

"Get Off My Planet" is basically a mixture of the tower defence and city building genres. Your mission is to grow your city and terraform a new planet whilst battling waves and waves of enemy starships.

This is the full version of the game - not a demo.

Version 1.1.1 should be live today and incorporates much of your feedback.

* Added a "SEND WAVE" button to send waves at you as frequently as you want
* Enemy waves appear more regularly on "Nooblet" difficulty
* Game now has 3 difficulty settings
* City does not auto-upgrade any more
* Power system has been restructured to make it easier to understand
* Food consumption is based on current city population, not max population
* Various other bug fixes inplemented.

Thanks for your feedback.

You may notice the president on the title screen looks familiar - I thought that might be a bit of fun considering Obama's inauguration. It was a last minute addition to the game, not a political statement - I'm Australian, not American :)

Special thanks to Hendrik Buyle for coding up the enemy and tower AI for me, to Tony Lowe for his outstanding artwork and to Ben Leffler of "ExMortis" fame for the brilliant soundtrack tune.

And for those who say I never put any free games on Newgrounds, here's one ! Enjoy!

Cheers Oliver

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This game is a great idea. I really like it but i find it too hard. May be you could make another difficulty for casual players like me.

Ive been playing this game for 4 days now and i think the challenge is almost near impossible. However i admire the skill required to complete a game like this. You don't find this challenge in games anymore, i like how there is one life and no restart wave option. Please keep continuing to post stuff like this and dont listen to these twerps who cant take a challenge :)

i want to like it

This game is definitely broken. I had 50+ on mines and 1000 energy with 40+ on them, which is the highest it goes. and it still wasnt enough to hold off the 50+ rounds. I made it to round 53 but didnt earn nearly enough money to have a 25K pop. even after I earned double on resources early. You should try playing the game through before you post and make sure its beatable.
Other wise it was fun and looks right, but severely broken. You should make a edit, but considering its your only free one you may not consider worth your time. I believe the only reason you post on newgrounds is to farm ad revenue. You should keep your games on Fizzy and not waste our time.

hechaos responds:

"Not waste our time"... yet you still played it for 50+ rounds.

Balace issues

The game is a bit broken there seems to be on way to win when going to for a mineral rich planet.


It is super hard. Mainly at the beginning. Then they come from all four directions. Very Challenging.

Credits & Info

3.76 / 5.00

Jan 20, 2009
6:13 PM EST
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)