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StickFight RPG

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A basic yet addicting RPG game, in which Stick figures kick the crap outta each other. I hope you find this very entertaining.
I also want to give you some hints in combat.
- when he is powering up a power click-attack to stop him and inflict damage.
-when he is in the air click attack before he lands (you cannot counter attack-only dodge)
-click dodge when he attack, and you do the Paper Mario thing :)

Toughness- Increases health
Strength- increases damage you inflict
Luck- randomly increases the two other stats in battle

Okay so there ya'll go. Kinda just a kill time game so yah...have fun.

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Tip:Set everything but strength to 0 MAX STRENGTH, jokes aside, this game is great.

Can you make us give an interactive menu where we select the Enemy's Level that we fight? Plus add Online play too?

lol quess what ppl i just wo the hunger games the game it was hard but i won and i wont tell hhow i did!!..

Pow! awsome work

Very nice things.If ur making another one then i expect it to be on newgrounds.Again nice


The game itself was very simple, too much so. Just two action options, and you can't lose if you dump all of your points into strength. However, I am impressed by the Save option. I'd really love to know how to use the flush feature in Flash.

Graphics: Very simple and crude. The animation was quite smooth, but it needed more, like a background and some good graphical buttons for style. 6/10

Sound: It was okay, but nothing special. 7/10

Interactivity: As I said, just set your strength as high as it can go and make a few well-timed moves, and you can't lose! Not enough to it, but the save feature and stats are rudimentary for good games; this has serious potential. 9/10

Style: Rather unoriginal and poorly presented. 5/10

Humor: VOID. 0/0

Violence: Although it's a fighting game, it doesn't have enough blood or gore for me to give it a real rating in violence. 7/10.

Overall: Quite a good game, nothing special, but with all things combined, you'll make great things in no time!

Spoofman101 responds:

thanks. I'm already making a new one right now. Better music fighting backgrounds and there is an Upgrade option. I might or might not add things to the battle just because I wanted to keep something kinda classic. But you guys are craving a spell or something so I could make an exception.

Credits & Info

3.87 / 5.00

Jan 17, 2009
5:46 PM EST

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