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Escape - by Critter2002

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This was a University project I made during the second year of my Multimedia and Media Studies degree (in 2007) and was my first attempt at a Flash game.

It's a simple point and click adventure game, where the aim is to escape from a locked room.

There was originally going to be a second level but I ran out of time so there are some items that although seemingly useful, are not necessary to complete the game.

Points are awarded based on the time you take to complete the game and how many items you collect etc. The rest of the instructions can be found on the opening screen.

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omg Im stuck ><

Ok uhh I got the key,phone and book,did the other stuff but like...I got no clue what to do haha can anyone help???

its good

but its a bit odd that you extend the antenna on the phone by clicking on the lamp (wouldn't have figured it out if it weren't for our friend the tab key) also what is up with the fly, I noticed that whenever you start this game its in a different spot.

Critter2002 responds:

Extending the antenna isn't actually done by clicking the lamp. It just sort of looks that way because of the position of the phone. It seems a few people had that thought so if I ever update it, maybe that's something I'd make more obvious.

Good spotting with the fly though. It was part of my assessment to use a certain piece of code that would make an object appear in a random location everytime.

Well Done

I enjoyed the game. It was a bit short, but you've explained why. It is a good concept.

Do you think that you'll be publishing the full version for play?

Critter2002 responds:

I hadn't planned on it but since I've got such a positive response in the short time I've had the game posted, maybe I will get around to adding the second level one day.

im free!

take me 147sec
nice game!


Not a bad game, it just takes a bit of thinking to really get what to do, should have made it a bit longer though, lol good job though

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3.78 / 5.00

Jan 15, 2009
10:13 PM EST