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Well to be honest i never though i would release a Version 4, but i have. This version has a nice fully functional High score function so people can compete for that "Top" spot. The Score is your total cash divided by 100 so make sure that you stop spending that cash on "Grade" in the last 5 days.

If your security is up on your CPU highscores can be found here "http://rankz.armorbot.co m/ngtyc/"

Note: you need to make it to day 200 to submit scores!


I would call this version 1.09. You are stupid.

well, it is intresting at the same time borring ((at least it toke me 1/2 hour to finish my score))
oh and one more thing when u have like millions of cash i recommend using Tab+ENTER


its just repetetive and boring


That was... odd
It was not particularly easy on the eyes and all you had to do was buy new grades then keep clicking new day until you could afford better stuff.

Same stuff. not very fun.

This is just a copy of what you did in v3.
this should be considered as v3.00000000000000001 cause all you did was do some minor changes.

as i have said before, the purchasing system still is terrible, so disgusting.
the only thing that had me playing this flash was Tom Fulp's face. Not because he was a flash god or anything, but because he was the only thing that appeared as a picture, not a text.

You better do some major tweaking by gathering huge, i mean friggin huge amount of suggestions and advices, and also by spending great deal of time to improve it. (using the suggestions)

just as Blizzard made Starcraft one of the best game ever made simply by taking suggestions and updating it since 11 years ago (very long time), you need to spend a great deal of time to make this flash shine. I can tell you that Starcraft lacked the quality big time when it was first released. but after the hardwork, it's chosen as the best game ever made by many gamers. you shouldn't be surprised to find out there are many ppl still playing that game. (i think most are Korean ppl, cause they just simply like it XD)

Otherwise, this is just a garbage.

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2.11 / 5.00

Jan 14, 2009
7:39 PM EST
Simulation - Job