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Hi guys - this 3D game is processor intensive, so may not work very well on slower computers - sorry! Try setting the graphics quality to low if you are getting too much lag. This one was really hard to work out in Flash - please be kind when rating us!

Your objective is simple - Climb up the Tower of Dicedom, rescue your friends, eliminate Big D's hench dice, collect the faces of power and ultimately kill Big D at the top. Easy!

*** Just uploaded the current version of the game - hopefully no bugs this time. Sorry!


Great game

But I would like to see something more with the faces. Maybe each face has a special ability it can bring to the action. But overall this is a great game.

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I've plaid for like 10 minutes and still haven't found out why would i want to change faces...
still the graphics are awesome!

Great Game

I love the 3D tower level. I love the overall aspect of the game, but sadly I was kinda frustrated with the jumping. It was hard to go along with the game when I had to figure out how to get farther up the tower with a weak jumping system.
But overall the game brought a smile to my face. Great JOB!

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I like it but put some point to the faces and a few more power ups. And please make a 2nd one i got #2 on the leaderboards:)

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clever style

this games got a clever style to it which got me addicted but theres that one problem when u jump i keep missing the platform and i keep falling, but lovin the faces

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4.00 / 5.00

Jan 13, 2009
9:31 PM EST
Action - Platformer - Other