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FPS Performance Preloader

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Author Comments

Mostly when a game runs slow you click on the low quality button ether in options or right click.
I built this preloader to detect the speed of the clients computer allowing for, the game, to auto adjust to the fps that the computer can handle.
There are settings withing the preloader to let you determine the calibration.
The preloader is as2 sorry as3 users...

Hope it could be some use to anyone who makes games with dynamic effects...

Send me your reviews...

woops first 100 views i forgot a piece of code, it should be good now...

if the link in the flash doesn't work here is the FLA, enjoy...

upload/130109/65496_fpslo ader.fla

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we need more shit like this

this really would help for those with lousy PC's or flash makers


I think the High Medium and Low quality buttons may come to an end in the near future thanks to this nifty little thing :P

xD peace xD

jjwallace responds:


Pretty cool

Nice little thing, if i ever plan on making a flash im am totally using this

jjwallace responds:

sweet, feel free to modify it any way you wish... :-)

Great Idea!

High Quality! Thanks dude! :)

jjwallace responds:

yeah, its for the community....

I had this idea ages ago

back when I had my account I had an idea like this but had no idea how to do it.... anyway well done for it, briliant execution and all that butit would be nice if you could include a tutorial for coding it perhaps, or maybhe suggest alternate methods, also high file size.

jjwallace responds:

um, well the music was what i put in to load.... the file size without the music is more like 28 k, it was 70 k, but now is 28k.... i had to put something in for the preloader to load...