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Rift War

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Civil war has broken out in Feudal era Japan. A large influx of peasants have sought refuge in your stronghold. Train them to farm and fight! Bring peace to the land once more!

******If the game runs slow please choose "LOW Quality" from the options menu********
******Refer to in-game instructions******

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theres no point in it and when the got to my castle or whatever it is my archers couldnt shoot them for some reason


you only start off with so many resources to harvest and then so many men to train and you have to wait out 100% of the enemy units.

I am incredibly disappointed...

Your song is not posted. As much as I am a lover of NemesisTheory's "Gracious Winter" I find it disheartening that you did not give credit of this song to Nemesis.. As much as I love your game and choice of music, it loses stars due to that. Please post the song so those of us who really want to download/listen to it can.

good idea

but it needs more units and options on what you could do for example at one point in history samurai , archers and even CANNONS were used in warfare if you added cannons or something else could have been better.....just lacks varioty is all....could of been WAY better

It's a good concept.

You should try to expand it a little more.
I found a bug too. If you put peasents to farming, switch them to archers, and then back to peasants once they get to the castle, they continue to farm under the relative safety of the castle and it's archers (if any).