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Ep;1 Riku's Depart

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Author Comments

sorry about the background if you don't mind I could use some help Could someone tell me how to put the sprite layer over the background layer because I use sprite sheets to do the actions and I don't want trouble cause I cannot see the sprite over the background when I onion skin the background and sprites please help me. Ps here is what they are saying: Sora: Riku wait! Riku: sorry Sora the darkness is within me Sora. Sora: Your Coming Back!!!!! Riku: Sora I told You...NO!!!! Maleficant appears Riku: She is my master. Sora: your master? Riku runs Sora: Riku don't go with her!!! Riku: I'm not sure if i'm ready.
Maleficant: Your coming GOT IT!!! Sora runs Sora: Don't do it you idiot!! Riku: Sora....I'm sorry. Sora: Riku...Please Don't! After Maleficant takes Riku. Sora stands there.... Than Ansem and Axel apppears to take Sora. Ansem: Hello Sora your coming with us! Sora: where are you taking me? Axel: You'll Find out.
They take Sora And no one appears. Watch part two. Please give it at least an 8/10 i'll make another just rate 8/10 or 5/10 please be nice. If tihs makes it put it in the kingdom hearts section of if good enough start a series for guys thanx newgrounds you are awsome!!!!


The author's comments section

Is NOT where the text for your movie should be placed. A major turnoff to start, and alas, the plain white background did nothing for you.

uh huh

y did u use song from Naruto? it doesn't mach up except that it is a rather depressing song and that was a depressing moment when Riku left, but otherwise it didn't work. it was ok but it would have been a lot better if u put some form of subtitles or words in there so we know what they'e saying. I mean even if some ppl already pretty much know what happens there r others out there who have no idea about the plotline of KH.

please improve

How much I would like to give you an eight, I can't. You're flash is too incomplete and has some issues. I do like the quality of your sprite characters and I like the music. It would also be nice if you can find special effects, you know, like those power attacks, with better quality.
You said you had problem with the background and sprites while using the onion skin. Well, I don't know if this advice helps, since I'm just learning the flash program, but, first, did you move the BG layer under the sprites, so both sprite and BG are viewable? Did you try to set how much layers to be shown so it won't look like a bunch of mush, or hide layers to help you work on others. If this doesn't help, then I'm sorry. You can always ask a fellow artist on here, try looking for help on NG's forums, or even look up tutorials on YouTube or something.
Anyways you should add text to your flash. I appreciate the fact that you added the dialogue in your comment, but it would be so much better if you just added it in. Your characters actions are fast as well. Slow some of your characters' movement down enough so viewer can perceive the actions well. But I don't know, it might feel this way, because there isn't a background, so that might be creating an illusion of if being fast. Also you flash movie might be too short.
I'm not trying to put you down. I wouldn't type all of this if I didn't care. I really want you to do better, so please improve this flash and submit it in again so I can give you a much better score.
So don't get discourage by low score ratings, and criticizing comments alright!? Because there can be no progress, no achievement without sacrifice.
So I say please resubmit. If you do, I look forward to it.

SasukeOfAllSharingan responds:

Thanx for the 4 I'll try harder I'm busy with homework at the moment but I'll get back to you. E-mail when you come back please tell me what a BG layer is?

This isnt very good

you should imput sound get help with the sprites ASAP i think this could be good you just need a little help


But I can't rate this high like you asked so nicely, multiple times. You havent added the dialogue inside the game, you don't have a background and even with the dialogue it doesn't look like the story is going to be captivating at all, I pologise if I come across as harsh, you just seem to be lacking alot.

SasukeOfAllSharingan responds:

No problem dude!!! I'm new at this. did you read the description?

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Credits & Info

1.95 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2009
10:40 PM EST