Sin Mark

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Destroy the 'Dark Gates' that spew these devils forth and collect powerful 'Rune Stones' along the way, combining them to create even more powerful spells.


This is my tribute to the great action RPG's such as Diablo and those that followed. Enjoy!

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Absolutely LOVE this game.
In my opinion it's the best "archery" game out there.
Well done, once again, Con Artist.

Fun enough game. My only gripe? It's a click fest. My right hand is a little worse off for this gaming experience. You hold the button to wind up shots and reach farther, but most of the time you'll want to be spamming those clicks for just about melee range shots. Don't think you can even win, otherwise.

Which spells? Freeze is the first one you want. Freeze crowds and/or tougher dudes, get in there and spray with arrows without having to backtrack to avoid the hurt. Flame arrows are handy early on for the weak groups, especially the archers. Firestorm is fun to use and is what you want for a big crowd that includes big baddies and/or gates. It was also the only one of us against the final boss from those that I picked. I would've picked others, but I managed to beat him on the first try. All thanks to the Health regen trinket -- that's the one you want for the whole game.
Lastly, bone wall is good for holding them off while nabbing runes.

Now, get in there and work on that carpal tunnel syndrome!

Very good game. If the player has a summon spell, freeze, bloat and the fire/earth burst damage arrows, most enemies become easy. The portals can be destroyed easily with the lighting or fire from the sky spells (forgot the names). It becomes, pretty much, a game of mana management. Getting surrounded can mean game over. I managed to go through it without any detahs, so I say it is a pretty easy game. The story transitions make the player want to see what happens next. Nice final boss, by the way. Could make it spawn stronger enemies as it gets closer to death, instead of just spawning the same weak enemies. Really good game, keep it up.

(sorry for my bad english) cool the only problem in this game is that you can only use a bow :/ it is hard to kill the enemies near you with bows we need something to smash them like hammers or sword any kind of melee

I was casually strolling through Con Artists games and I found this one. At first I thought it was going to be a boring game, but since I like Con Artists, I began playing the game and was glad I went forth with it. The game has a asian, mystical feel to it, with the almost cave art graphics and repetitive, yet pretty music in the background. You collect runes from these rune statues scattered across the area which you make your spells and equip spells and trinkets. A great game to play, yet easy and short. Thank you, Con-Artists.

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3.95 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2009
7:09 PM EST
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun