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Ninjas vs. Pirates TD

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Author Comments

Build 6 kinds of ninjas and upgrade them through 6 different levels. 4 ninjas have special abilities to combine and kill pirates.

If you want to win play easy or medium.

Unlimited does not end until you die(and its very hard).

Hint: The instant death ninjas is not there for damage but for his ability. Put them at the end to kill enemies.

Yes, a build your own path version of this game is coming soon.

BTW: I checked this out with the creator(not the sponsor) of Mushroom Farm Defense.

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I'm sorry, but I did not like this. It seems like most people did at least! It is just the same thing over and over. The artwork looked pretty choppy in this. It's a pretty slow moving game too. There were Vikings sometimes, not pirates! That must have been intentional.

There isn't much detail put into everything. There needed to be more details. The ninjas themselves just look silly. It's not terrible, I just thought it was bad. I'm sure you can do better.


i had to take a brake and i dident lose a single life im writeing this while i play


Ninjas and pirates would be much better if they were ninja pirate tacos!
great game

I played on your site.. hit lvl 60.. it's cool

I highly enjoyed the unlimited option as the challange kept being increased with each wave I was able to defeat successfully.

I noticed wave 60 was very difficult to stop.. I bet it is possible with better strategy, however I find that once you figure out a good strategy, the game slows down a lot between lvl 35 and 60.. the game seems to need more resources when there are a lot of high lvl ninjas around... perhaps too many attacks going off at once? perhaps their combined power lvl is over 9000 and the computer can't handle it? I think it is a game code balance issue... Anyways, cool game, I enjoyed wasting precious time with it. Thanks for making it.

Ninja'ed my 15 minutes, plundered by laziness

Yinan my header may seem a little harsh but hear me out. This game is a TD and the genre has been pretty well set out as far as quality goes. Unfortunately it lacked on a few levels.

You had the seven or so towers to choose from, and a few maps but it was more or less the same. For a TD it didn't offer a lot for me. If anything it would be slightly under par for TD game play compared to what we have seen on Newgrounds and other flash gaming sites. This may be a first attempt for you and if it is, I'm sure we will only see you rise from here.

Some notes to improve upon. You have the ability to upgrade towers which is a good thing, and they are clearly labeled what level they have reached. Perhaps changing the graphic for each level, or at least every second level may have feel a little more fore filling. Example, starting off standard ninja, then perhaps a boost in size with a combo of uniform change, to finally morphing into a highly menacing entity for its end level.

Medium also seemed very simple, more challenge is required. Having finished all waves I was then treated... nothing. I'll understand if you do not have the technical capabilities at the moment to send a players score to a central database to compare with other players, but a screen to reward our efforts in completing the game would have been nice.

After all that being said, I still had a few minutes of fun and the graphics were cutesy. I'd look forward to seeing what you may produce as far as TD's in future, and hope you wont be afraid to really push the boundaries and perhaps do a little research into what some of your other competitors are doing with their games. Thanks for the entertainment.

Archbob responds:

Try playing the game on any other site except Newgrounds, the Mochi High scores do not work here for some odd reason. It works on any other site.

Credits & Info

3.19 / 5.00

Jan 12, 2009
12:17 AM EST