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The deep-sea abyss (marine biology) meets the uncanny valley (psychology) in my second pure "horror" story. It's not supposed to take place in water, but it is based on the common fear of being caught in the open ocean, never knowing what might stare back at you from the murk.

I also put careful consideration into the types of television characters that people found traumatic when they were younger, and based two monsters directly off notorious examples of "nightmare fuel" from British television (they're in the same shot. I'm not British, but I do enjoy their kid's shows)

I wasn't sure how to rate the nudity or violence in this. There's only one instance of each, both rather subtle and abstract.

Not counting the double-upload of "ants," this is my thirteenth cartoon and I didn't even plan it that way!

Thanks for the feature! I wasn't expected one at all :.



Well, that was scary..

Creeped me out

Wasn't scary so much as creepy. If you know what I mean?

Scythemantis responds:

Yeah, that's what I intended, I've always been a fan of atmospheric eeriness more than danger/action type horror :)

So creepy it made me laugh?

its definatly a weird feeling to watch something so creatively creepy that you laugh at it... sort of... i think. its quite hard to explain and it really made me want to watch more. its a unique thing covered with awesome-ness. great work!

Didn't Expect a Daily Feature?

That's bull! You knew this was awesome material! I love all teh thought you put into designing each of these creatures.. Just the anticipation of what would float by next made this pretty fun, but the freakish and slightly unexpected ending makes it stick out in your mind even longer after you watch.
Freakish! I love it!

Not scary, yet creepy.

Congrats on the monsters you thought-up. Some of would fit perfectly in DOOM 3 or even DEAD SPACE:
-the monsters before those "baby-things"
-the baby-things
-the one in the flash's icon picture

The monsters that seem a bit lame, however, are the ones with the human nose (oddly enough they seem more silly than scary)

Anyway good job (especially with the enigmatic ending)!

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Scythemantis responds:

There's a few really, really weird deep-sea fish that looks exactly like they have big, goofy human noses, so that's kinda what I was thinking of :)

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Jan 9, 2009
8:37 AM EST