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Jan 8, 2009 | 9:13 PM EST

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This is a quick game I whipped together. Read the license carefully. Don't hurt anyone with it. Its a high frequency noise maker perfect for all the pranksters out there... It has five frequency generations, each are around 3 seconds long, synthesized by me, and range in Hertz from 7000 (low) to 18000 (very high). Don't be stupid and use this on a real animal... Just use it as a prank/joke and be careful. The dimensions are formatted to run on a Sony PSP, thus making this portable, I'll release a downloadable one sometime in the near future and instructions for transferring it to a PSP. If you have any other mobile devices, give me the measurements of the screen and I'll be happy to make a version for it.



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Well, it does what it does. For whatever use that is. Back in the day, I'd generate sounds of a given frequency using GWBASIC using the sound command, and it went up to 32767 Hz. But you can only get so much out of a computer's speaker. Which is why once I used a big 2 inch piezo disc designed for use as a high frequency transducer, with a high voltage signal generator I made to make a 23 kHz sine wave. It was loud enough that even I could hear it, at that frequency. I turned it on near a cat, which then hissed at me. But I don't really know how annoying it was, the cat hated me anyway so it might have hissed either way. As for the neighbor's dog when it starts abarkin' at 2 in the mornin', a bloody sound weapon is not good for long range, for that I need to shine a laser pointer in its eyes. To me now, this just reminds me of the damage I have received from being run over by a car, since my left ear is deaf, and constantly generating the phantom noise of nails on a chalkboard, and my right ear can easily hear 18 kHz, although it's almost swamped out by the phantom noise I'm hearing on the left.

You know, really, rather than a choice you pick from among 5 buttons, there should be a field where you just enter in the frequency in Hz. that you want. So if you want 20 kHz, you enter in 20000.


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i did it..and my dog and cat FREKED OUT...
thay came to me freeking out over the sound


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this is a good idea!

I tried this on my dog (sooo funny) I actually did it on accident. I wasn't sure what it was, so I just clicked it and my dog freaked lol


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This is not a game at all, waste of time!

Look, if I want to lose my hearing, I'll got and listen to something like metal music blasting into my earphones. At least that would have some substance. At best, this should of been put into the MUSIC PORTAL, because maybe, just maybe, someone would sample from it for a flash or something, but this is not a game by any stretch..


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Lol crazy good idea.

Not typically a flash for this site, but awesome lol.