Hans Jellyfish

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I anticipate two complaints with this animation: "It's too short" and "It looks rushed". That's because it was.
This was a challenge that my friends and I concocted for ourselves (Doyvid, Owenza and myself) to see how quickly we could conceive an animation from scratch, complete it and upload it to the web. It took us thirty hours (inludihg seven or eight hours sleep) and this is the result.
It's pretty random to say the least. Make of it what you will.

EDIT: For some reason the link buttons in the menu don't seem to work. I don't know how to fix it. It works fine inside Flash but once you put it on a website that functionality just dies for me.
Don't bother pointing it in a review because I already know. In any case, you can find the link to my devArt in my profile.

EDIT EDIT: Jumping Jesus on a crumpet, this got front page in like six hours. It's like I threw it into Tom Fulp's lap, lol. Anyway, if the damn thing is this popular now, I'm clearly going to have to credit the voice acting, as I forgot to put it in the credits.

- Hans Jellyfish
- Marlin LeGrady (The fish-head)
- Doris

- Bob Taylor (The squid)

- The Doorman


You are skilled. Truly talented.

The animation was nice and smooth. You'll hear this a lot, obviously, but considering the amount of time you put into this, I'm surprised no one else is outdoing you when they have all this free time. I liked the voice acting and the jokes. It's honestly something I might have said/written (if I ever got into story-writing), regarding how the two guys were "racist". It was smart to not use humans though, as lip-synching would be hard. One complaint I had was the pose the squid had at the end. Of course, that's just me being all technical. But it would have been nice to at least throw in an afro (not racist, nostalgic). Sorry for the lack of paragraphs. I hope to see more of this series.

professor-fate responds:

Lol, well the designs for the L.A. Seacops go way back but I will definitely keep an afro in mind. Perhaps for some kind of Huggy Bear-type character.

great job

I think you did a great job in this animation but it would be nice to get some facts straight i mean ya the jelly fish in air is fine but snorkel gear when there should be scuba gear and him zaping someone and killing them it seemed.... most jellyfish stings just create a red mark and sting a small bit... but since you have never been near a ocean i'll let it go... overall the sounds and animation was smooth and fit well..

professor-fate responds:

You know, I live an hour from the ocean.


very well done man and also original. you should definitely turn this into a series, i would watch every single one probably more than once. keep up the excellent work i really hope to see more submissions from you. 5/5 10/10

That was great.

I loved every bit of it. You need to make it a series =P


Yep, thats it :)

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4.26 / 5.00

Jan 7, 2009
4:11 AM EST
Comedy - Original