Brick Yard

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This game is actually a sequel to Brick Stacker, but Bricks Stacker 2 sounded so boring that we renamed the game to Brick Yard. And now you have five modes to play: SAME 80, RANDOM, RAIN, TIME and WACKY!

Use mouse to place the brick anywhere. A and D rotate the brick, W and S scroll the screen (or use the cursor keys). Press ESC for the main menu. R restarts. P makes the gods angry! L submits the score.

NOTE! You cannot have an infinite blocks mode in a game like this as this is a physics simulation. Do you have infinite amount of RAM and CPU power?

NOTE! If my greed makes you vomit, please play the game @ Kongregate (no ingame ads there): http://www.kongregate.com /games/ttursas/brick-yard


Could not play the full game because add never loaded. (And no I don't have addblock on)

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Not very good at recognising adblock. I disabled adblock and refreshed the page after several things were crossed out and went back. I had to wait for an ad but it still said i couldnt play certain things.

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it said i was using a adblock, which i'm not i have crippled internet speed, so yeah, i think of what i could actually play was great but seeing as i could only play a limited number of it.

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I became an instant addict.

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Appeals to my childhood!

Fun game. I probably spend more time just building the tower as sturdy as possible to see how it stands up against a sun crashing down on it. I really wish there was a free play mode where you can choose the brick each time and a setting where you can pick the maximum number of bricks.

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4.27 / 5.00

Jan 5, 2009
3:13 PM EST
Skill - Other